Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra Two

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra Two wheels
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The hardest thing to achieve in a wheelset is the right balance of light weight, stiffness, strength and comfort. Rarely do we see all four successfully combined but Campag's Hyperon Ultra Two's deliver on all counts and in my book that makes them one heck of a set of wheels - but at a price.

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    Smooth bearings

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    It all comes at a price

It's a wheel format that, done well, is almost always going to succeed - a strong, lightweight, low-profile rim, built around durable, silky smooth hubs, and laced together with top quality stainless steel spokes.

It's also a combination that lends itself to a multitude of uses. Campagnolo has beautifully and successfully refined the concept in its Hyperon Ultra Two.

Leaning on them hard through corners and pushing out maximal sprint efforts, causes little obvious flex, yet they're also pleasantly forgiving on a rough road. The low rotating weight, just over 1,200g a pair, is obvious on the ups, and the ceramic bearings no doubt contribute to what is a fast-feeling set of wheels.

My initial doubts about the performance and longevity of such high-gloss, lacquered braking surfaces, have so far been quashed. In fact the braking is consistent and predictable, more so than other carbon wheels I've used