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Score 9


  • Great value package
  • Top quality hubs


  • Noisy freehub might not be to everyone's liking


Hope Hoops Pro3 RS-Mono, 1,686g £315


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This product is featured in: Seven of the best upgrade wheels.

Hope’s Pro3 hubs are the highlight here.

Famously bombproof tech, with a very loud freehub buzz that will see you through rain or shine.

Although the hubs look stealth, they sound anything but, making them a bad choice for the shy and retiring rider.

However, this combination of spoke, hub and rim works so well that I couldn’t believe they cost so much less than nearly all the others here.


They might not be custom like Harry's, but they're a very popular and reliable set of wheels that should suit a lot of different riders. And although they don't quite match the levels of speed and fun of the Fulcrums, they come very close.