Best Disc Brake Bike of the Year

Our pick of the best disc brake road bike of 2017

With disc brake bikes here to stay, it’s time crown the best disc brake bike of 2016 in the Cycling Weekly Bike of the Year Awards.

This is a bike that goes beyond what we’d usually expect from a disc brake bike, no longer being confined to the endurance category, being more than capable of holding its own when ridden fast too.

Winner: BMC Roadmachine RM02


Disc brakes have long been synonymous with endurance bikes, but BMC has taken them in a different direction with its new Roadmachine, a seriously impressive all-rounder.

The Roadmachine has been designed from the ground up to be a disc brake bike, and that really shows out on the road, where it is stable under braking, letting you attacks corners and descents.

It also offers a relatively low overall weight and a fast, stiff, and comfortable ride that makes it a great all-rounder for those making the conversion from rim brakes.

Runner Up: Cannondale SuperSix EVO Disc

cannondale supersix evo disc disc brake bike of the year

The Cannondale SuperSix is an excellent bike in its non-disc form, and works just as well with modifications to cope with disc brakes.

It’s 1199g frameset weight is impressively svelte for a disc brake bike making for an agile climbing machine, while the excellent job done by Cannnondale’s engineers means that is even better when descending.

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