Fuel on the go: How to choose the best fast food nutrition (video)

Performance chef Alan Murchison highlights what fast food choices are best when you're in need of an on-the-go feast

Eating a nutritious meal after a ride is crucial to recovery and ensuring you can get back on the bike as soon as possible in best condition.

This can be quite easily achieved when at you’re home, with plenty of time and can dictate what goes in to your weekly shop. However what about if you are at a race far away from the comforts of home and require a fast food pick me up to replenish your depleted stores?

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There may well be a large variety of options available from well-known high street food outlets – however what they are selling could be doing you more harm than good.

It is not just misconceptions about food that you need to look out for, drinks can also trip up the savviest of nutrition enthusiasts. With packaging of fruit based drinks hiding behind its high sugar or syrup based interior.

Another trap that all cyclists can easily fall into is at the local coffee shop. Whether it be a mid ride café stop or a relaxing end of ride cuppa, it is important to recognise the effort you have put in on the bike could be wasted if you over indulge on a warm cup of Joe.

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This isn’t to say that everything you buy on the high street is harmful, it’s just a case of recognising what food and drink is nutritious and what may trip you up.