With a £200 budget, you’ve masses to choose from in the road shoe market. Where to begin? Our in-depth test examines 11 of the best


Vittoria Hora

Vittoria Hora road shoe £199.99

Score 8

Fizik R5B Uomo

Fizik R5B Uomo road shoes

Fizik R5B Uomo road cycling shoe is the Italian brands entry level option, though they certainly look everything but a…

Score 8


First, let?s talk about price. Doubtless you?ll have seen many of these shoes advertised at lower prices, quite possibly within the pages of this very magazine.

While we don?t want to delve into the murky world of online versus high street, we would like to point out the importance of making sure you get the right shoe for you. We?d strongly advise a visit to your local bike shop to try different brands and sizes, unless you can find a helpful online supplier with a hassle-free returns policy.

All the shoes here are well worthy of your wages. Your personal choice will likely come down to which suits your foot shape the best, which matches your riding goals and which you like the look of the most.

There were standout shoes, though and no test would be complete without a podium. On the bottom step, the Gaerne G. Futura punches well above its price, offering a high level of quality, comfort and performance at a relatively low cost. The runner-up spot goes to Giro?s Trans Road.

Uncomplicated, light and comfortable, these performed well throughout testing. But when it came to striking the right balance between price, practicality, performance, comfort and weight, there can only be one winner. Shimano?s R170 was a revelation; its understated looks mask a brilliant design that deserves to appeal to the masses.

  • Robert

    I have 2 pairs of the Giro Trans that I have worn for over a year.
    They both are very stiff, light and have a fantastic buckle and arch support system.
    I prefer these over my DMTs that I had previously.
    Also, I couldn’t tell that much, if any, difference in the fit and feel between the Trans and its higher priced brother, the Factor with the EC90 sole.

  • rian Greenwood

    If my feet are anything like representative this is a great shoe for British feet ie a bit wider than the Italian standard. OK a bit old school but leather and the very comfortable boa lacing makes it an ideal all day shoe. Even if you are a bit old school for sportives makes it great for AUDAX shoe. Looks great too!

  • Ken Evans

    I was surprised that no Sidi shoe was listed / tested.