£1,500 can buy you an impressively specced bike, as this is one of the most competitive price points on the market. We review four


Kinesis KR510

Review of the Kinesis KR510, an alloy frame with carbon seatstays

Score 7

Boardman Pro Carbon

Review of the Boardman Pro Carbon, a sub 16lb carbon bike for just under £1,500

Score 10


As well as seeking out a true all-rounder, we have to give a bit of weight to value for money when it comes to a verdict, and that means there is a clear winner. The Boardman Pro Carbon is a lot of bike for your cash, and stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Those who can remember as far back as last year?s Performance Bike, may recall the Boardman Pro didn?t fare so well, but back then it was an aluminium frame with carbon stays. It?s really upped its game and is a deserving winner this time round. It?s the lightest by a mile, thanks in part to its top-end spec, and we struggled to find much to complain about with its performance.