The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has said that it will come to a verdict on Alberto Contador’s clenbuterol case before the Tour de France in July.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, CAS said that it will settle the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) appeals against Alberto Contador’s acquittal before the end of June.

The two appeals will be consolidated – if both the UCI and WADA agree – and be dealt with as one case by CAS.

“The parties will now have the opportunity to file written submissions including all their arguments and evidence,” read the CAS statement. “The CAS Secretary General has informed the parties that the CAS would be ready to establish a procedural calendar allowing for the settlement of the dispute before the end of June 2011.” 

Contador failed a test for clenbuterol on the Tour’s second rest day in Pau on July 21. He claimed that the banned substance was ingested via a tainted steak brought to France from Spain by a friend.

Contador was subsequently suspended from competition by the UCI pending investigation by RFEC, who cleared Contador in mid-February allowing him to return to racing.

The Spaniard won the Volta a Catalunya stage race – a UCI World Tour event – last week.

If CAS rule in favour of WADA and the UCI, Contador may face a two-year suspension and have the 2010 Tour title and any subsequent wins stripped from him .

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  • Brian

    Gunter, it is not a matter of ‘stupidity’ but one of ‘addiction’ and to some extent ‘culture’.

  • Mike


    Richard Virenque and the whole Festina Team.
    Bjarne Riis
    Floyd Landis
    Alexandre Vinoekaroff
    Ricardo Rico
    Etc, etc, etc, all thought it was worth the risk, why should Contador be treated any diferently. He had two banned substances in his system.
    No excuses, these guys have doctors and nutritionists looking after them, there is no room for error.
    Also, no pro athlete eats steak the night before the queen stage of the biggest event in cycling, get real.

  • adam

    Gunter, whilst i admire your optimism, a quick glance at the top ten of the Tour for the past 15 years may somewhat change your mind…

  • Gunter

    I hope they clear him.

    Nobody would be so stupid as to take that stuff when they happen to be the highest profile rider in the world.