Russian rider Denis Galimzyanov has published a hand-written open letter admitting that he knowingly took banned blood booster erythropoietin (EPO).

The letter, published on Galimzyanov’s Facebook page on Tuesday, came in reaction to Monday’s announcement by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) that he had failed an out-of-competition test for EPO on March 22, 2012.

Galimzyanov, 25, has stressed in his note that he acted without his Katusha team’s knowledge and that he will not be requesting that his B sample be tested.

“I recognize a fact of banned substance usage,” wrote Galimzyanov. “I fully realised what I did. I deeply regret about what happened, and I apologise to the whole team and my teammates, along with my fans whom I disappointed. I am ready to suffer an appropriate punishment.”

“I would like to draw A PARTICULAR ATTENTION for that fact that Katusha Team has nothing to do with what happened,” he continued. “No team member knew and could know about what I did. It was my personal decision and my responsibility. I refuse from my right to request and attend the analysis of my B sample.”

Galimzyanov will now face a two-year suspension from competition and will likely be sacked from the Katusha team.

In March, Katusha re-signed Russian rider Alexandr Kolobnev after he had been cleared of wrong-doing after testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide at the 2011 Tour de France.

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  • Ken Evans

    “The letter, published on Galimzyanov’s Facebook page on Tuesday”

    It could say anything, I can’t read Russian,
    and I can’t read his handwriting.

    This “suicide note” is a unusual in pro cycling,
    and yet again the relationships within eastern European pro teams
    seem awkward and strained.

    Maybe he would be more at home riding with Vino ?

  • ian franklin

    A rider prepared to face up to his wrongdoing without accusing everyone else or denying he did wrong. I hope he comes back a wiser man.

  • Dave_1

    Unless he was injecting EPO on its own, he will have two other people helping him. As has been pointed out, the EPO is now used in microdoses to create new red cells and so as overcome the problem of the normal shut down of new red cells production which a bag of blood transfused does to blood profile-shuts down marrow’s red cell production. Therefore a blood transfusion requires a helper. i doubt denis cruises around races with cold bags on him every day. Who helped him transfuse and who visited him with blood and EPO? This Russian is most likely blood transfusing so the letter is a half truth or worse.

  • Cervelo bob

    Well at least he did man-up, whatever the persuasion behind the scenes there might have been. Of course, should other Katusha riders find themselves in the same situation…..

  • colnago dave

    Mmmm !!! I wonder how voluntary the confession was given the amount of Russian Oil money and the position of one of its sponsaors on the Russian and world federations.

    A case of confess r the salt mines maybe ?

  • Rex

    Well done Dennis. Tyler, Alberto, Lance etc etc – take note. This is often described as taking it like a man.