Video posted on Facebook by Malaysian coach suggests UCI President Brian Cookson stopped athletes getting on the track during a training session on Thursday

UCI President Brian Cookson denied closing the world championship track in Paris  for a personal training session after a video of him riding round with Frédéric Magné was posted on Facebook.

The video was posted by Malaysian coach John Beasley who can be heard talking over the video saying Cookson had closed the track and stopped competitors from riding ahead of Thursday’s afternoon session.

Cookson however was on the track ahead of the scheduled two hour training session that ran from midday to 2pm, when the track was officially closed.

Some team managers would like the training sessions open for longer to allow riders who are competing later in the week to ride. Typically the training sessions are used by riders warming up ahead of racing later that day.

As the story spread on twitter Cookson took to the social media platform to further deny he stopped riders from getting on the track.

  • hailpantani

    I’m assuming nothing. However, your statement includes the assumption ‘that doesn’t mean etc. …………’. I’m going with the plain facts stated by ‘Cycling’. Nowhere in that article does it state that officials or Cookson prevented riders getting back on track for their scheduled two hour training session.

  • TinyTot

    You’re assuming that people could have got onto the track while Cookson was on it, so long as it was before 2pm when it “officially” closed. While Brian himself may never have told anyone no, that doesn’t mean officials didn’t…nor does it negate the fact Cookson should not have even been on the track before 2pm in the first place.

    Logic doesn’t seem strong with you.

  • I’m not ranting. I’m simply stating a fact. I consider that Brian Cookson is doing a good job at the UCI. The Thai Cycling Association is like the rest of the Thais: Racist, xenophobic and discriminatory.

  • hailpantani

    ‘Cookson however was on the track ahead of the scheduled two hour training session that ran from midday to 2pm, WHEN THE TRACK WAS OFFICIALLY CLOSED’. Good enough for you?

  • TinyTot

    I think you need to get your facts straight. The issue was that Brian started early, before his time allotment. There were no riders on track per se, but no one would have been able to get back on the track in what was their normally scheduled time period.

  • TinyTot

    LMAO… You try and defend Cookson, then go on to rant about UCI. Did you forget he’s captain of sinking ship? News flash, Cookson won’t be fixing anything.

  • This is just a small spat that the anti-Cookson brigade will make a meal of …. but there are far greater UCI concerns. Did you know that if you are a cyclist from one country and live in another country – the country you live in MUST issue your race licence. I live in Thailand and the racist Thais, in their wisdom, want to charge foreigners 5 x that which they charge Thais. Brian seems to think this is OK>. I don’t. Under UCI rules if the Thais don’t issue my licence I can apply to the UCI themselves. Which I have done. 5 emails and one phone call later I cannot get a reply from them. So Brian, if you are reading this, please deal with this important issue.

  • craig kennett

    Come on. Why didn’t Mr Cookson ride the track before or after the worlds. He was clearly showing off and getting his hour of fame in front of a big crowd. Sheesh

  • John may have been misinformed. But John is a decent guy, an excellent coach and so on. Wouldn’t do something like this out of context.

  • hailpantani

    Jon Beasley needs to get his facts right before he shoots his mouth off.

  • Mungo Butterworth

    I trust him. Slightly indulgent in the first place mind.