RadioShack team boss Johan Bruyneel has publicly apologised for the jibe he made against UCI officials after they forced the team to change jerseys during the final stage of the 2010 Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong, Chris Horner, Levi Leipheimer and the rest of the RadioShack team had turned up on the start line for the final Tour stage to Paris on Sunday wearing all-black kit rather than the squad’s regular red and grey outfits.

The black strip featured the number 28 emblazoned on the back to denote the number of people in millions currently suffering with cancer around the world – part of Armstrong’s LiveStrong cancer awareness initiative. UCI officials asked that the team change into their regular kit as a change in team strip is strictly against UCI rules sparking Bruyneel to post an angry response via his Twitter account.

“Ok people! Now it’s official! To be a race commisar [sic], you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: ‘c’est le reglement!'” wrote Bruyneel.

During podium presentations after the race finish in Paris, RadioShack again appeared in the black strip when receiving their team prize.

RadioShack, team winners, Tour de France 2010, stage 20

Subsequently, the UCI opened a disciplinary hearing against the squad for breaching team kit regulations, prompting Bruyneel to apologise after it noted his remarks were ‘utterly unacceptable’.

“When race officials informed me that the team wouldn’t be able to race with these special jerseys, I became frustrated that our message would not be heard and seen around the world,” said Bruyneel via his website on Wednesday.

“During this time of frustration, I put a disrespectful and unprofessional message on my personal Twitter account targeting the UCI race officials. This was not the correct way to handle the situation, nor the example I want to set for my team, family and fans.

“I understand the race officials’ decision and publicly apologize for offending any official or representative of the UCI. It is also my intent to personally apologize to UCI President Pat McQuaid for my remarks,” he continued.

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  • mel

    I totally agree with Navlebeskuelse…. RadioShack has been (despite the irritating and constant adulation from Versus) the biggest over-hyped team of the year. They should’ve pulled for Horner right from the start. I applaud the cancer research efforts, but what they did on the last day unprofessional and childish. I have no problem saying that disrupting the race was intentional; they are smarter than that. In fact, i woulden’t put it past LA to pull this stunt to take the spotlight off of Contador/astana. It infuriated me to hear lance say that they thought of quitting the race if they coulden’t ride with the 28 jersey, meaning, the suffering everyone went through for 3 weeks was pointless, simply because they chose to ignore the rules. I said this before, but, good riddence to lance and his ego.

  • Ken Evans

    Cipo frequently wore unofficial clothing !

    The usual penalty is a simple fine.

    Maybe Armstrong should buy the UCI a Sysmex machine, for example ?

  • DM

    Not only is he a pillock, he’s got extremely shifty eyes.

    I don’t trust him one bit!

  • Navlebeskuelse

    Time and time again Johan Bruyneel and Lance Armstrong have demonstrated that they think they are above the rules that everyone else is subject to, and this is just the latest such incident. The man is a prize pillock.

  • Mike

    You can almost hear Bruyneels teeth grinding.
    This from a man who said he was glad he was out of pro cycling when Discovery packed in after Armstrongs first retirement.