Support continues to grow for north-south and east-west "Crossrail for Bikes" scheme

City of London Police have become the latest group to give their backing to Boris Johnson’s plans for two cycle superhighways in London.

A spokeswoman for the Police told the Evening Standard: “The City of London Police supported both schemes as there is potential benefits that they could bring to cyclists and pedestrian safety.”

The backing comes after the death of 26 year old German postgraduate student Janina Gehlau, who died after collliding with a lorry at Ludgate Circus.

In April, former Spanish soldier Victor Manuel Ben Rodriguez was also killed by a HGV in Ludgate Circus while a cycling to a job interview.

Plans for the cycle superhighway would see a north-south route going from King’s Cross to Elephant and Castle, passing through Ludgate Circus, as well as an east-west route.

Last week, Microsoft became the latest business to back the cycle superhighways, which now have the support of over 120 businesses.

Microsoft’s CEO Michel Van Der Bel said in a letter to Mayor Johnson: “Over 100 of our people regularly cycle into work. We know that others would choose to do so and gain the health benefits of active commuting if they felt comfortable on the roads.”

The Transport for London consultation for the scheme is now in its final week.

  • Carl Jones

    London is a City that is failing on every level. Take the congestion charge. Traffic levels now exceed levels before the CC`s introduction. Tube and bus services are operating beyond capacity during the peak times. The cost of public transport has simply priced people onto bikes or they walk. When you add in the costs of rents (I won`t say mortgages, because if you can afford to buy, you can afford public transport), it is easy to see why the politicos are desperate to get more people on to bikes.Because the tube and bus system can`t cope.

    They don`t care about the lung disease time bomb that will crop up in 30/40 years time. They suppress the latest research which says men who cycle will have a significantly higher incidence of prostate CANCER!

    I am sure a lot of people in the cycling lobby have their hearts in the right place. But I have a sneaking suspicion that some in the cycling lobby have ulterior motives.

    I noticed yesterday that there were lots on 20mph signs so that bikes can compete with cars for speed and in many cases, break the 20mph limits with no fear of prosecution…no surprises there.

    Many, including MP`s have called for cyclists to wear a registration number. Probably on their backs, as this is the only logical place to put it. But many cyclists have a back pack, so something has got to give.

    Yesterday, I had to take a daughter to a university project. We went by car from SW London to Shoreditch, well, this was an horrendous trip negotiating the swarms of cyclists who follow zero rules. They are even slowing the buses in their bus lanes…bus lanes are now redundant! No, cyclists don`t cycle along the curb, no, they cycle three, four and five abreast. In fact we had cyclists jumping out from the bus lane into moving traffic. In fact, cyclists are not only at war with car drivers, they are at war with motorbikes as the jockey for position at the lights…assuming the cyclists actually There were far too many infringements of the law to list here, but one stood out as a couple crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing and she called the cyclists and effing w—-r for riding through a red light!!lol