A woman, believed to be in her 30s, has died after a collision with a tipper truck in Amhurst Park, North London, this morning

A cyclist has died in North London after a collision with a lorry this morning.

The rider, believed to be in her thirties, was involved in the incident with the tipper truck at around 8am in Amhurst Park and died at the scene a short while later, according to police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called to Amhurst Park, N16 at 08:00 today, Tuesday 20 January, following reports of a road traffic collision.

“Officers and London Ambulance Service attended the scene and found a female cyclist suffering from critical injuries following a collision with a lorry.

“The cyclist – believed to be in her thirties – died at the scene a short while later.

“Police are in the process of informing next of kin. The driver of the lorry stopped at the scene.”

The cyclist is believed to be the 14th fatality on Britain’s roads in 2015 and the first in London.

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Anyone with information on the incident should contact police on 101.

  • avlowe

    Correct the story truck was 32T metal recycling operator with roll-on skip NOT a construction site tipper. Not able to identify operator from pictures L? X?

    Passenger in truck following described cyclist and skip truck travelling parallel at low speeds and truck driver turned left through cyclist. Cycle route logos (1057) on road plus cycle lane & by-pass in traffic island at junction both nearside.

    Seven Sisters Road reduces Westbound from 2 to 1 lane at this junction, to provide right turn lane for eastbound traffic. Left turn for truck driver well in excess of 90 degrees requiring rapid application of full lock steering and focus on not hitting traffic island on right side – junction has wide area for rear wheels to cut over, and by aiming for traffic island (looking right & ahead) drivers assured of making turn without running over kerb. This can mean less frequent observation of nearside mirror.

  • Something New

    The lorry was turning left and she was on the inside and was dragged under the lorry. 9 out of 10 cyclist fatalities in London happen like this. You must know this before you cycle. Stay back! BEHIND THE LORRY. Motorist not always indicate.

    I was in the area stuck in traffic because of that ….and saw the police tent. Later I drove over the exact spot where it happened. The tarmac was still wet after they hosed her blood down. Life was back to normal but not for everyone.

  • Rob Smith

    Tipper drivers are killers

  • David Ritchie

    My condolences to her friends and family. Take care out there.