The nine-time Grand Tour stage winner will ride with clients on his new cycling tours


David Millar has teamed up with Velocamps to create his own cycling tours, offering the chance for up to 25 riders to ride with him in iconic destinations.

Described as “premium tours”, riders will be able to ride with four-time Tour de France stage winner Millar, dine with him and get to know the Scotsman.

There are three trips planned for 2016, and more opportunites promised in 2017.

The first of the trips is to the Côte d’Azur on the French Riviera in April, where the riders will ride Col de la Madone and be based in a luxurious Spa hotel with its own private beach.

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Offering trips in the three Grand Tour countries, the second trip is a Tour of Lombardy in May, the highlight of which will be riding Giro d’Italia climbs.

The final trip of 2016 sees a Tour of Catalonia, which will feature the French and Spanish Pyrenees.

Millar said: “I’m really excited to have partnered with Velocamps to create something new in cycling for those who share the same passion as me.

“For 2016 we have three fantastic tours planned in locations I have trained, raced and lived in. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with cycling fans in a way I’ve never done before.”

James Pybus from Velocamps said: “David is well known to cycling fans having had a long and successful racing career, written a best selling book and a now respected TV pundit. Cycling alongside him on iconic and picturesque roads, and picking his brains over dinner is something any cycling fan will love.”

However, riding with the British cycling legend doesn’t come cheap: prices for all trips are £1,575, and that doesn’t include flights, lunch time meals, insurances and any drinks.

  • briantrousers

    Went last year for a long weekend (Fri-Mon). £500 all-in including half board, bike hire, guided rides and flights (which we booked ourselves). Mr Roche not guaranteed to be there obvs however he was when we were over. Thoroughly nice man and made the effort to chat with everyone.

  • John Westwell

    I think you’vealmost jumped a generation with some of those examples. And let’s not forget that Slipstream was itself founded by a former doper. As for Sastre, the presumption is that he wasn’t doping in 2008, but no one can be sure he wasn’t in 2003 when Millar was doping, partly because the testing for EPO and blood transfusions wasn’t very robust.

    Millar doped and admitted it straight away. He’s been open and honest enough to detail in his book exactly how it came to happen and to accept responsibility. This is in stark contrast to many riders of the same era – for example, Ivan Basso has always pretended he never opened one of the bags of his blood that were discovered and Alejandro Valverde continues to refuse to speak about his doping past.

    He’s a private individual working for a private company offering these tours – he isn’t looking for a handout from anyone. If people are willing to pay the asking price to go on one of these tours, I can’t see where the problem is.

  • Gerard Miller

    I did say more or less – why all this hatred of people almost forced into doping by the extraordinary physical and mental demands of pro-cycling + peer and team pressure. it’s best not to criticise too vehemently if you haven’t been in the situation.

  • elan

    Save your money buy a new bike,you would get more out of it.

  • Dave Koesel

    Everyone? Did Tour Winner Sastre dope? Creed, Pate, Pearce and the young crop of Slipstream riders that offenders of Millar’s ilk replaced? They doped?

  • J1

    I was expecting it to cost more. Flights could be included though, seems strange to leave them out.

  • Gerard Miller

    The guy’s got to make a living! The tours are too expensive for me too, but I don’t blame him. Re the doping: EVERYONE, more or less, was doping in the period – he’s paid his dues. It also helps of course that he’s from a middle-class background and is highly articulate.

  • david watts

    He is just a shallow money grabber. I hope they are considerably better than his sub standard books. I won’t be wasting my hard earned money.

  • cyclepath


  • peejayward

    Totally unjust comment
    He has paid his dues

  • Nigel Rue

    Drugs ain’t cheap!

  • ian franklin

    Totally uncalled for Chris.

  • Chris Williams

    Yep deep pockets – maybe its to pay for his years of cheating with drugs etc

  • Peterg

    It seems a shame that David’s only giving the opportunity to ride with him to fans with very VERY deep pockets. Not many of us have upwards of two grand to spend on a cycling holiday. Would be great if he added one or two weeks that had room for more people so the price could be kept lower, & those of us who aren’t bankers or airline pilots could have a chance to ride with Mr Millar as well.