Former pro weighs in on eye-catching design that's sure to split opinion

Remember the Colombian women’s team kit with its “naked” look that provoked such a furore back in 2014 that even the president of the UCI got involved? Well, now the other end of South America is having a shot at designing some truly shocking kit, with Argentinian team Xirayas de San Luis sporting a very eye-catching design for 2016.

The colourful outfit should certainly be nice and easy to spot in TV footage, although the pattern design on the front of the shorts certainly raised a few eyebrows on social media, with former professional rider Marijn de Vries saying what everyone was surely thinking:

The team has enjoyed a relatively good start to 2016, taking a couple of stage prodiums at eighth overall in the final general classification at the Tour Feminino de San Luis in January, as well as a number of successes in domestic races in Argentina.

So, does Xirayas de San Luis’s eye-catching design make it one of the best kits of 2016, or should those shorts consign it to a place in our list of the worst pro kits of all time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Peter Handy

    If they think that looks like a womb and ovaries, they have been reading the LSD guide to female anatomy

  • Frederico Nunes

    There are people with very obscure minds…
    Cool bibs and cool colours!
    Go ride and let this shity talk to others who have nothing else to do…

  • David Chadderton

    I had thought that clothing was meant to cover the skin, provide protection from the outside environment, maintain body warmth, minimise sunburn, regulate deep core temperature, protect from abrasions and advertise team logos. Now it seems we have to be shown detailed anatomical features. Which team clothing designer is going to come up with depiction of the complete nude body?

  • James Heath

    I think some people are ovary acting. It’s no worse than kelme kit

  • RichLove

    Jesus, it’s just a kit, so long as it’s got nothing overtly offensive, why the big deal? As mentioned below, it’s going to get the team a heck of publicity they never would have had. Fair play

  • Stevo

    One person making a silly comment on twatter isn’t much of an example.

  • borts

    Just another example that women cyclists aren’t taken seriously.

  • Stevo

    Not just the cycling world.

  • J1

    You don’t understand the cycling world.

  • Maria Andersen

    Bollocks, it’s just a fractal pattern, can’t Marijn de Vries even see that?

  • JCJordan

    that is quite a cool kit and far nicer then most of the boring plain kit the guys are wearing.

  • Derek Biggerstaff

    I’d wear that.

  • Paul Jakma

    Plastered all over most cycling sites, and no doubt will get picked up on one or two more mainstream media as a result. Mission accomplished methinks.

    No doubt the team members are a lot smarter than the “Outraged, from Croydon” set and were fully cognisant of and complicit in this clever PR stunt.

  • Stevo

    I actually find it quite tasteful. The subdued colours are rather soothing.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    This should please the ‘make all shorts black’ brigade, and to be honest, I’m tempted to join them! Keep doing designs like this, and you’ll spoil it for everybody.

  • Well, it’s got them a load of free coverage – nobody probably even knew they existed before this…

  • some one

    Why do these women always do as they’re told? Why not just say f#off, you’re making us look stupid, no, we’re not going to stand like a bunch of mumpties – with our hands behind our backs, so everyone can giggle – they always do the ‘pose’ (wasn’t it that colnago advert – why did she…?)…gawd, no wonder blokes laugh at us…

  • Chris Williams

    Why not have a solid colour shorts with sponsors etc and then the top is fine – Its not af if you can see the front of the shorts on the bike so keep it plain and dignified!