Australia's Jack Bobridge also has data released by hackers known as 'Fancy Bears'


Laura Trott has become the latest cyclist to have confidential medical data exposed by Russian hackers of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) data system.

The hacking group, self-called ‘Fancy Bears’, revealed data from a number of athletes including Team GB riders Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins this week after illegally accessing WADA’s Anti-Doping Administrative Management System (ADAMS).

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The hackers found their way in through an account created for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the 2016 Olympic Games.

On Friday, the group released a Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE) granted for four-time Olympic gold medallist Trott in 2009.

Laura Trott podium, omnium, Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Laura Trott podium, omnium, Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The TUE shows that Trott was permitted to use the banned substances salmeterol and salbutamol which are inhalants commonly used to relieve symptoms of asthma. Both TUEs allow Trott to use the substances up to July 2013.

TUEs essentially grant an athlete to use a banned substance to treat a medical condition that they have, with Froome and Wiggins also permitted to use substances to treat asthma through their careers.

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None of the data hacked so far has any implications for wrongdoing.

Australian cyclist Jack Bobridge also had numerous TUEs released, mainly for exemptions to use a substance to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis in his hands and wrists, a condition he has stated he suffers with publicly.

  • Josh

    If hacking is what it takes to bring stealthily corrupt organisations to justice, governments too, then so be it.

    We, as fans, have a right to know who these ‘sick people’ are that we support. If they are of ill health than we need to know that we are fans of a ‘sick’ kid who needs to take performance enhancing drugs to overcome his/her sickness and compete in sport.

  • Loss

    I believe that anybody has a right to know what drugs their favourite stars are taking surely this should not be secret to receive money and appear in sports the participant should be as open as possible at all times.

  • Malcolm McGregor

    This is the start of Putin’s revenge for the exposure of Russia’s doping practice’s.

  • Zumo Cazador

    Stolen yes, but now in public domain so it is not a non-story and how on earth does reporting on it diminish quality of CW journalism?

  • Ian Franklin

    Hacked information is stolen information. Any journalist with the slightest understanding of journalistic ethics would have binned this non-story and not used it. Why? Because hacked information is stolen and anyone with the slightest bit of moral integrity does not use stolen goods. Sorry CW you have this totally wrong and the quality of your journalism is thus further diminished.

  • Jp

    Is it a reply to the Russians being caught for drug taking

  • Gary Barton

    This is all legal, they may as well have released her inside leg measurment for all the difference it makes.

  • Chris

    LOL – Not another one with asthma……