British fans picked up vial of pills following a crash in the peloton during Sunday's Hell of the North.

Contained in a vial, and accompanied by a label that included a barcode and the word “test” on it, these pills picked up on the roadside following a crash in Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix have become a talking point on Twitter.

Cycling fans at Worthing-based veterinary practice company Thames Medical triggered their inner detectives after riders in the peloton fell near them on the approach to a cobbled sector halfway through the race.

CW understands that the vial came out of the back pocket of a heavily-ripped jersey, and no team personnel made any attempt to pick it up after helping their rider rejoin the action.

The vial suffered damage after being run over by a vehicle in the race convoy.

Although no direct contact with the UCI or race organiser ASO has been made yet, those in possession of the pills has sent them pictures of the vial via Twitter.

  • Ian Moss

    That would NEVER be in a rider’s jersey pocket during a high profile race.

    it would be far easier to get a pill from the team car, hidden in a rice cake or diluted into a gel or drink.

  • burthoovis

    For any that aren’t crushed, you can use a simple ‘pill identifier’ on the intrawebs to ID anything that’s commercially available. The others would require some analytics, but that should be pretty straightforward as well. And please publish the results.

    One thing’s for sure. thank goodness everyone’s racing clean! Allez, Allez…!!!!

  • Don Kyboy

    Simple solution is to test them. Then pass on the tests results to media (preferably the likes of Paul Kimmage), the UCI, AFLD, WADA and make the results public.