Anonymous rider takes down Strava segments in Australia and Oman – could this finally give away their identity?


JP has returned. The so-called ‘Banksy of Strava‘ has posted their first activities on the ride-sharing service since January 2015, and the anonymous rider’s thirst for KOM titles appears to be intact.

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Three new activities have been uploaded to the JP Strava account in the past two weeks: two in Australia and one in Oman – tying in with professional races in the two countries.

Two rides on Thursday, February 11 and Saturday, February 13, saw JP take on the various segments on the Norton climb east of Adelaide, Australia, which was used in the Tour Down Under.

JP posts some impressive figures, pushing out 400 watts for 10 minutes on several of the segments, and his time up the climb beats that of pros such as Peter Stetina, Lars Boom, Jesse Sergeant and Jay McCarthy which were posted during the TdU.

JP-2016-3 JP-2016-2

Then there’s a third new ride posted on Monday, February 15, in Oman – where the Tour of Oman is currently taking place. The ride is only 10.9 miles (17.5km) long, but averages 26.7mph (43kmh). No KOMs this time, though.


A slightly disgruntled Adelaide rider who previously held several of the Norton Road KOMs – known as Durianrider on Strava – has posted a video on YouTube examining JP’s ride around Adelaide in depth, during which he exclaims “Who the **** is JP?”.

Given that Durianrider’s video is titled ‘Lance Armstrong Stole My Strava KOM?!’, it’s clear who he thinks it might be, but concludes his video saying: “We’re going to find out who this person is and bring them to Strava justice”.

Watch: Durianrider examines JP’s ride. Warning: contains bad language

The identity of JP has been a mystery since they first started posting up KOM-smashing rides on Strava in 2013. Back then, they set a fast time up the Surrey climb of Box Hill before claiming several other well-known climbs around England.

Then in August 2014, JP uploaded a ride in Majorca, during which they claimed the Sa Calobra climb segment, beating numerous pro racers’ times.

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The speculation that it is Lance Armstrong comes from JP’s use of an image of Armstrong, and that Armstrong has used the alias ‘Juan Pelota’ in the past. But it’s not Armstrong…

Others think it could be former British national hill-climb champion Jack Pullar – JP, you see – although Pullar has denied it’s him.

Investigations by CW came up largely blank, although several British riders based in the north claim to know who it is, and that it is not a current ‘professional’ rider, but one with a lot of talent.

Given that the latest rides are in Australia and Oman, we could conclude that the rider has taken part in races in both countries. The only British rider taking part in the Tour of Oman is Mark McNally, but he was riding in the Tour of Qatar when JP posted his Australian rides.

So maybe it’s a retired pro working for a team? Maybe it’s not one person, but several people with access to the account?

For now, the identity of JP remains a mystery.

  • Benjamin Brindle

    Can you fit a Powerhub on the back.of an eBike? 😉 strava getting trolled one way or another

  • Benjamin Brindle

    We have problems around our area of local offroad trails with people doing this on eBikes. It’s lame, you see them KOM over elites that have raced the trails in races.

  • Craig

    Lance Armstrong’s (reputed) alter-ego, for signing into hotels incognito, was “Juan Pelota” (pelota = ball in English, Juan = “one” . . . a reference to the loss of a testicle after cancer). Could be that JP is in fact Juan Pelota?

  • Hamish

    Would love to think that Robert Millar is out there somewhere, doing things like this just to wind people up…

  • Durian Rider

    Settle down mate.

    Remember my job is to create heated debate and play it up.

    It worked well on this summit! 😉

    JP was also having a laugh. He confirmed me in private he made up all the rides and was just trying to create a bit of banter.

    Some of the commenters here need to relax n ride more.

  • Oly rowers often use cycling as offseason training. They also have extremely high slow twitch endurance and strength to weight. Not saying it is a rower, much more likely it’s a cyclist, but if they were going full gas, a (very strong) rower could probably do it.

  • roddders

    How can you tell someone’s a vegan?

    They tell you as soon as their lips move.

  • Grobbelaarsvantar

    Vegan or not, some humble pie is never wrong.

  • ridein

    Maybe “The Secret Pro” label has gone to his head

  • ummm…

    Thought you were going for QOMs DR. Har har har, jk. Good stuff. I just ate a banana. You poo a lot from the bananas?

  • Dave James

    Durian Rider has completely lost it now. Creating a fake account ‘JP Vegan Gains’ – riding two failed KOM attempts on his bamboo bike thinking it somehow looks more legitimate. Does a third ride on his ebike (which he said in a video that he would be testing to see if the power looks real – of course it does with the correct settings) and takes the KOM.

  • Kristo Holm

    Yeah he wanted to buy a cycling team. You think he’s gonna buy his way to the summit or actually ride it?

  • J1

    I can’t be sure that guy’s time won’t be manipulated either though. This is the problem with Strava and any sort of fitness tracking site.

    p.s. I also like bananas.

  • J1

    Strava is no indication of how quick a rider is! There are too many ways to manipulate the figures. This guy is a troll, people will just carry on flagging all his rides until he doesn’t bother any more.

  • Bertrude

    A bit less me me me would be good though

  • MrHaematocrit

    He probably used or similar, like so many others. Strava can’t be taken seriously anyway. Those who can race do, for everyone else there is strava

  • Graham Dunn

    Not sure why someone would keep their identity totally secret on Strava? Cheating and/or manipulation of software is not very sporting when the whole transparency of Strava is what makes it so useful and fun. If you don’t want to be part of the community why bother posting? It’s good enough for top pros!!!

  • Jake Kim

    are you gay?

  • Phillip Mercer

    Often manipulated Strava data has little peaks when you zoom in close. To be fair, the last time I look that closely at the data was a number of years ago.

  • Phillip Mercer

    Did Fernando Alonso do some insane number of kms a little while ago? It came up when there were rumours about him starting a cycling team. I’m not suggest its him but there are some driver who do a huge number of kms who have pro friends and access to coaches.

  • Michael

    He might not eat meat, but he’s still made of it.

    As for faking, of course in theory someone could create the data file for any climb around the world sat at home in their bedroom.

    Your GPS creates a discrete data point every 1s typically (depends on your settings) and each of those data points will have time, gps, cadence, power, hrm, speed and so on.

    In practise, it’d probably be easier to ride a climb – fast or slow – to get some of the data and then manipulate that file.

    So yeah, you can fake power, cadence, speed or anything else. Of course, the more data points there are , the more anomalies will be easier to spot if you don’t get everything to match up.

    In practise, analysing the tcx or fit file might give clues to whether it was manipulated rather than genuine data points recorded at 1s intervals by a garmin edge or whatever. I imagine Strava already do some checks to look for obvious manipulation. Using a common program available online is likely to make it obvious too because it will probably create patterns in the data that “normal” riding doesn’t have.

    But you certainly don’t, in theory, have to actually leave your home, let alone travel around the world to troll Strava.

  • Jay

    Doesn’t CW have better things to write about? There could be a ton of possibilities on how the records are being beaten

  • Laurens

    That makes me feel fine because I don’t treat diet as religion, unlike some people.

  • Durian Rider

    Bro no rower, gp or f1 driver on the planet could hold 474w for 10:40 lol!

    Do you understand the hundreds of thousands of km that need to be riden to create that level of neuromuscular facilitation and pedaling efficiency?

    I know you have never used a power meter and don’t understand that Norton Summit is NOT a 25 minute climb if you are GC level fit.

    Do you understand how fast 10:40 is???

  • Durian Rider

    Can’t be too bad cos you still watch my vids and follow my advice based on what gears you currently ride and that you finally train proper and with power.

    Nerk or not, nobody else gives better information to the public on how to PR and stay GC lean all year long.

  • Durian Rider

    It is a fake time but the time that will beat it today will be by an ex AIS TP rider who wants to break is current 10min power PR of 554w.

    If he can do 570w and it is not a head wind then my lad will get the KOM for sure.

    No other KOM on earth is as hard to crack into the top 10 now. The brute wattage level is so high on Norton Summit.

    How does that make you feel Laurens? That a vegan kid is gonna get JP’s time on the hardest KOM in the world?

    You should screen shot it and have one last fap cos JP is going to be relegated today or at latest tomorrow.

  • Durian Rider

    This evening the time will be broken. There is this ex AIS TP kid Ive been coaching the last year with diet and he wants to have a crack at it for a bit of a laugh.

    Norton Summit is more about pure brute power than watts per kg and this lad can hold at least 560w for 10mins.

    He is also a vegan haha.

  • Laurens

    Whoever it is, I hope they eat meat. That should be good for a few more Durian dummy spits.

  • Bertrude

    Durianrider is a bit of a nerk

  • Rob Wallis

    Whoever it is, I’ll buy them a beer next time they’re in Adelaide

  • ridein

    Motor doping or motor pacing

  • Dave James

    ebike, without question.

  • Alistair

    Perhaps we’re all thinking to narrow, it could be a World class athlete of another sport, perhaps a lightweight rower, moto gp rider who are currently testing in Australia , or even a formula 1 driver? All fit and strong enough to tackle 25 minutes riding