Frank Schleck confirms he will not be riding the 2015 Tour de France, ending a streak of nine consecutive Tours for one of the Schleck brothers

For the first time in ten editions, not a single rider with the surname Schleck will ride the Tour de France, after Frank confirmed a knee injury would rule him out of the race.

The streak stretches back a decade with either Frank or Andy, or both, riding in the last nine Tours, with the latter winning in 2010 thanks to Alberto Contador’s doping indiscretions.

Frank has been no slouch over the three weeks either, finishing in the top-10 four times, including on the third step of the podium behind his brother in 2011.

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But a long-running knee ailment has put paid to the streak, an injury which flared up at the Tour de Suisse and Frank admits he would not be able to commit to a three-week race.

“This is a big disappointment for me, of course, but it had been in the air for a while now,” he said on the Trek website. “The pain never really lessened and the only way to let it heal would have been to take complete rest.

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“It was a catch-22: if I wanted to make the Tour team, I had to rest. I needed to take a break in the preparation to let the knee heal. But if I wanted to be fit for the Tour, I needed to train hard.”

“The knee wasn’t getting any better during the Tour de Suisse, despite daily treatments and all of us hoping for a miracle. We took the decision together and I think it’s correct. I can’t push it for 21 days straight and hope to make it to Paris. What I need is rest.”

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Which cycling family could be in line to beat the Schleck’s Tour de France streak? With both Simon and Adam Yates set to ride for Orica-GreenEdge this year, the answer could be right on our doorstep.

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  • John Senior

    Anybody who’s a fan of clean cycling will breathe a sigh of relief at this news. Cyclists who’ve ridden for Riis, a man who recommended blood doping to Tyler Hamilton, are never going to be above suspicion – particularly when like Frank you’ve had links to a dubious Sports Doctor. Neither of them has performed well post biological passport – even taking injuries into account – which is odd when many of the riders they used to beat have gone forward. I’ll admit to general antipathy to Andy as he’s one of three riders who finished in front of Brad when he did his best ever tour ride 2009 – 4th behind Contador – cheat, Schleck – dubious, Armstong -cheat.
    If you want to know why there should be an automatic life ban for anyone who dopes – theres your answer. For all I like David Millar, when push came to shove he cheated – I’m pretty confident that his return was clean but what about all the other riders coming back from suspension able to ride as well or better – in theory drug free – and am I the only one shaking my head when Astana manage to ride Sky and Saxo Bank off their wheels at the Giro and have six riders going into the final climb? Tinkoff may be crackers but at least he had the sense to get rid of Riis.

  • ummm…

    Alberto’s doping indiscrestions – lol