Online giant set to stock Tannus solid tyres as century old technology continues its comeback.

Despite the technology being over 130 years old, the solid tyre is once again a talking point among the UK’s cyclists, largely thanks to the efforts of Tannus tyres.

The Korean brand first hit our shores back in November with a solid tyres that it claims matched the performance of pneumatic tyres, before also introducing a lightweight version that comes close to matching the weight of some heavier traditional tyres.

With Tannus claiming that 2,000 British riders are now using its products, the expansion has not gone unnoticed, and the company has now been able to strike a deal with Wiggle to stock the lightweight Aither 1.1 tyres.


Tannus already claims to have 2,000 customers in the UK

European Sales director Jazz Walia said: “It’s our first big push into the mainstream and we are really pleased to have hooked up with Wiggle.”

>>>Puncture proof? We install solid tyres

However the brand won’t be abandoning the local bike shop, with 60 retailers across the UK now stocking, and fitting, the tyres.

The Aither 1.1 tyres are available in 700x28mm, 700x23mm, 26”x1.75” and 16”x1.25” sizes, with prices between £49.99 and £59.99 depending on the size.

For more details visit the Tannus website.

  • Howie Bolt

    I had them years ago,both slicks and mountain bike….They were then VERY hard and no resiliance at all,I will not be buying again….Anyway I have a pair of bnew Vittorias to go on y TT bike of road,They weigh 10 ounces WITH the inner tube,years ago tubs at 10 onz were the beez an eez..

  • Bob.

    …been riding these 1.1’s since february and had to remove the rear already having done only 1500KM! The profile was worn down and squared off badly….and had cuts from london roads….thats less milage than i get from cheap Rubino £10 tyres….
    …the ride is harsh (and that comes from previously riding cheap tyres with ‘slime’ puncture proof tyre liners)…the rolling resistance is high (good training i guess!?!)…higher than they claim fore sure as my ride to work has been noticably slower according to my garmin….
    …im not impressed after speaking to a rep at the London Bike Show they just havnt got anywhere near their claims….
    …i have emailed them for a refund as they guarentee them for 9000km or 2yrs….im still waiting for them to reply !!! (i will update if i get one…)