Team Sky and their riders copped a fair bit of flak over the course of the three weeks of the Tour de France, with things seemingly coming to a head on stage 20 as the riders raced up Alpe d'Huez.

Chris Froome was spat on while climbing La Toussuire the previous day, and again on the Alpe judging by television pictures, but it was one of the Sky team cars that took the brunt of the fans’ displeasure.

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The video shows the Sky car driving through Dutch Corner on the iconic mountain, where it was greeted with boos and people thumping the vehicle and aiming some pretty clear hand gestures at the driver.

Some unidentified liquid also hit the car’s windows as the hundreds of fans crowded tightly around the vehicle as it inched up the mountain.

Elsewhere on the Tour, Froome was showered in urine, Richie Porte was punched by a fan and other riders in the squad suffered verbal insults thrown in their direction.

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  • Kōkaku Kidōtai

    problem is a lot of the ‘fans’ at the corner are just happy to have driven 10 hours there for a piss up, the spectacle and support of the sport is secondary. it’s easy for those with a grudge to hide like cowards in a crowd and it’s also these people that spoil it for the majority and potentially have the influence to prevent the Alpe being used as a future stage for several years … if the organisers have the courage and integrity to stand against such behaviour and do that.

  • RobTM

    🙂 May be one of these for Alp D’Huez?
    ( Link to piccie of MCV-80 Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

  • Josh Tambini

    I like to think that they are taking exception to Britain’s only World Tour team being backed by Murdochs

  • Ambientereal

    You know where it starts but you don´t know where it ends. Violence builds itself up and next year they could do worse things if this year´s offenders are not punished. I hope I´m wrong.

  • Kevino Daviessss

    Disgusting behaviour from fans? More like hooligans, why go to the mountain to watch a race then throw things at the leading teams car and give hand signals, has anyone been arrested for punching or throwing things at Froome etc? Where does this end,mint will be another rider next year who they wish to taint?

  • Chris