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Hope Pro3 RS-Mono wheels


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At £315 and 1,686g Hope’s Pro3 wheels certainly fit into most people’s idea of a budget wheel.

But budget or not, we were blown away by the build quality of these hoops. As older readers will know, hand-built wheels ride beautifully and the Hopes are no different.

Using Sapim Sprint spokes to lace the Mono Pro3 hubs and Mavic’s venerable Open Pro rims together is nothing revolutionary, yet ?the end result gives great feedback.


On first impressions, they're super tough too, so what's not to like for all-round riding?

  • rob

    been riding a set of these wheels on my Specialized Tarmac since January 2013. Ridden them plenty of miles, mainly on bad roads in bad weather.

    Bought these wheels because I have been selling Hope products and working on Hope hubs for years as a mountain biker. Always found Hope to give the best backup for any rare problems with their products.

    Mavic Open Pro rims are legendary for bombproof reliability, and cheap to replace if a bad crash ruins the rims. regular double-butted spokes and brass nipples make it very easy to repair with spares available pretty much anywhere (Hope even supply spares with these wheels)

    have to say, I did not find the build quality of the wheels to be A1 out of the box. found them out of true (both front/rear) and spoke tension was irregular when checked with Park spoke tension meter.

    Thankfully, as an experienced wheelbuilder I had no problems re-tensioning and truing them to correct setup. They have ridden very well since, with occasional true of rear wheel which is not surprising as I am not shy of descending at speed and bunnyhopping sleeping policemen.

    Found these wheels to have a very good value, great for bad weather riding (hubs still running as new) and strength / weight ideal. Bearings, freehub body, axle spares available from any Hope dealer.

  • more info required

    Come on CW, this is light advertising not a review.

    Factor in that although spare hubs / rims / spokes are available and repairable, the bearings are proprietary, so when they do wear out they can be more difficult to get hold of than the standard sizes used throughout industry and at greater cost.

    I believe the hubs (although a nice finish) are CNC machined, which can makes them a little weaker than a forged version. They’re not suitable for radial spoking (although not a wholly a fair comparison when bought off the shelf as a built wheel & against other wheels that are from non-standard parts throughout).

    On the plus side they are available with a Shimano or Campagnono freehub. Perhaps with steel or titanium freehub (their MTB ones are anyway, a little research would reveal if these are).

    If you want a variety of colours then you could get the same wheels built up in your local shop without the ‘hope hoops’ tag.

  • James Milne

    But do they make that infuriating clicking noise when your freewheeling. I cant creep up on people from behind as they hear me arrive ….clickclickclickclickclick