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Pro-Lite Bracciano wheelset


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We’ve already mentioned the perils of budget wheels and in Pro-Lite’s quest for light, it has sacrificed strong.

The hand-built wheels use a shallow 27mm 6066 aluminium rim and minimal spokes (20 front/24 rear) to weigh in at under 1,500g naked meaning they are indeed slim, if not quite skinny.

However, they have a fair amount of flex – not super-noodly, but less than ideal for big power or mass.


If you're an aspiring whippersnapper looking to keep a bike's weight down then they're a good pair of wheels for minimal dent in your wallet

Wheels:Pro-Lite Bracciano wheelset
Weight:1500g a pair
  • Paul

    I bought my set at $400 in Dec. of 2013. They replaced Mavic C22’s. I also replaced 25mm tires with 23mm Conti 4000s. What a difference! I weigh in at 158-165lbs. Club rides up to 70mi., so far. Very happy on my Felt Z85. I have ridden them into bigger holes than I wanted to. They have held up.

  • roland oliver

    well i’m 90kg. i had open sport on shimano hubs for my commute. that bike got stolen the day i got my braccianos so i put them on my new Caad10. no flexing whatsoever. riding them through all sorts of weather on my 20 mile each way commute. spin up fast but also roll so smoothly. i paid £300 for mine, but still incredible value.

  • Dave Ruddle

    I,ve been using my Braccianos for 2 and a half years now and can honestly say they are the best. I,ve ridden on all types of roads around Derbyshire and Yorkshire and are still as true as ever I would,nt have anything else.

  • Philip Elliott

    I’ve been using my Braccianos fairly consistently over the last 3 years, in all weathers. They cost me less than £200 from a big online retailer. The hubs are still lovely and smooth and they are as true as the day I got them.

    My “winter” wheels are handbuilt Open Pro rims on good quality Shimano hubs. When I switch back to the Braccianos the difference is very noticeable. They are simply smoother and faster. Last winter I left the Braccianos on throughout, without any problems.

    I’m 77kg and I’ve never found them remotely flexy even when honking them uphill. You can find them online at the moment for £218. Well worth a look.

  • andrew

    It would be usefull to know if it has an alloy freehub, anyone using Shimano cassettes will know they chew up aloy freehubs in no time.

  • Paul

    Well, I dont know if newer models are “noodly” but I’ve been riding a pair of Braccianos for over 2.5 years, they weigh in at 1485g and I’ve found them to be bombproof…. mine have never gone out of true at all and I’ve put some heavy miles into them year round.

    Seriously, I’ve recommended these to so may people it’s untrue.

    Ok, I’m only 75kg but was certainly a fair bit heavier when I purchased them.