The best Cyber Monday 2023 bike light deals we've found: 50% off Specialized, 46% off Exposure, 30% off Knog and more

We've rounded up the best bargains on a selection of the top bike light brands...

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Nov 26 | Updated to add in Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday is here, with the last day of sales running through to the end of today, Monday 27th. For cyclists, it's an ideal opportunity to pick up winter cycling accessories to help you through the season - including an true essential - bike lights.

I've found deals for both light sets as well as front and rear lights, and have divided the pages into these categories as well as by region - US and UK.

While it's imperative to have bike lights for early morning and evening rides, I also like to use a set of daytime running lights too. These deliver additional visibility and peace of mind, with the better lights visible from over a mile away. Typically they are small and lightweight and something you can just fit and forget (unless you're locking your bike up in public of course). I've put the best deals I've found in the USA and the UK below.

As well as these bargains, we've rounded up the best bike light deals we could find right here - for the full range of savings we've spotted, pop over to our main Cyber Monday bike deals hub page where we've got the full catalogue. If you're looking for deals to complete your winter kit, we've also got dedicated Cyber Monday hubs for the best deep winter glove deals and the best clothing deals, where you'll find reductions on jackets, jerseys and bib tights.

Best Cyber Monday Bike Light deals USA

Front lights

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Knog Blinder Road 600: was $84.95

Knog Blinder Road 600: was $84.95, now $59.47 at Backcountry

The Blinder Road 600 delivers 600 lumens of power with effective beam angles to help you see the road ahead while being visible to other road users. It's all delivered in a lightweight package - it weighs a little over 3oz - that's simple to fix to your handlebars, no matter their shape. You can read our review of the Blinder Road 600 for more information.

Blackburn Dayblazer 400: was $32.95

Blackburn Dayblazer 400: was $32.95, now $17.89 at Amazon

The Dayblazer 400 headlight features 400 lumens for solid visibility in gloomy conditions. It features four mode, including Blitz for daytime running as well as having side channels that help improve visibility for side traffic. Weighing just 59g, it uses a universal mount that should fit most bars and helmets. We reviewed its big brother the Dayblazer 1500.

Lezyne Macrodrive 1300 XXL: was $109.99

Lezyne Macrodrive 1300 XXL: was $109.99, now $99.97 at Amazon

The Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL, with its 1300 lumens, delivers a bright and wide beam. It features seven different modes, which allow you to switch from full power down to just 130 lumens. Charging is via a micro USB cable, while the front light is attached using a well-constructed rubber strap.

When we reviewed the Macro Drive 1300XXL we appreciated the solid build quality and the better-than-average battery life.

Rear lights

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Specialized Flux 250L: was $74.99

Specialized Flux 250L: was $74.99, now $56.00 at Jenson USA

The Flux 250L is ideally suited for daytime running, with its 250 lumens light visible at more than a mile away. It's designed to fit both round and D-shaped seatposts and comes with three o-rings to help aid compatibility. While not USB, the 1000mAh battery does recharge in just over 2 hours.

Cateye ViZ300: was $39.99

Cateye ViZ300: was $39.99, now $31.96 at Walmart

The ViZ300 delivers 300 lumens and includes a good range of modes - when we reviewed the light we appreciated the 100 lumens mode, which gives you 8 hours of running time - ideal for a long day ride in gloomy conditions. While we found the mount a tad fiddly the 300 degrees of viewing angle ensure no blind spots for tailing drivers.

Light sets

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Cateye Sync Core light set: was $94.95

Cateye Sync Core light set: was $94.95, now $75.96 at Walmart

The CatEye Sync range connects up to seven units wirelessly, meaning that when one is switched on, the others light up too. When we reviewed the set we found this to be genuinely handy for our daily commute. 

The front light is 500 lumens and has five modes, including one for daytime. Neatly, the 50 lumens rear Kinetic light has an inbuilt accelerometer, which turns on high mode when it detects a deceleration. 

Blackburn Dayblazer 400 & Click USB combo: was $49.95

Blackburn Dayblazer 400 & Click USB combo: was $49.95, now $31.04 at Amazon

This 30% off deal features the Dayblazer 400 front light, which includes a Blitz daytime running mode that helps you to been seen even on sunny days.The rear Click USB has great side visibility, which is a bonus when riding in traffic.

Price check: $34.99 at Backcountry

Specialized Switch Stix combo: were $59.99

Specialized Switch Stix combo: were $59.99, now $30 at Jenson USA

The Switch Stix is a clever little light set that allows you to switch between white and red modes, meaning you can have an additional light in the front or tail if required. Each light features five modes, with a maximum of 100 lumens in white and 18 in red. Run time is as much as 16 hours in the most economical of these modes. Now with 50% off retail.

Best Cyber Monday Bike Light deals UK

Front Lights

Exposure Zenith Mk1 Front Light: was £295.00

Exposure Zenith Mk1 Front Light: was £295.00, now £159.99 at Wiggle

Expensive yes, but the Zenith front light serves up 2000 lumens, a powerful and wide-reaching beam and a traffic-light system to indicate battery life so you're not caught out. With 46% off retail it's the ideal time to snap up this light as winter approaches.

Knog Blinder 900: was 79.99,

Knog Blinder 900: was 79.99, now £67.99 at Singletrack Bikes

While it's not the biggest reduction, the Knog Blinder 900 is a great front light. It's solidly built with a quality mounting bracket that makes it a breeze to swap between bikes. Battery life for the 900 lumens light is around 2 hours and it's charged using a USB-C port. When we reviewed the Blinder 900 as part of lights group test we awarded it out 'best for commuters' tag.

Cateye AMPP 800: was £64.99

Cateye AMPP 800: was £64.99, now £58.00 at Wiggle

The AMPP 800 has, unsurprisingly, a maximum power of 800 lumens. That's plenty for riding at a moderate pace down the darkest of roads, but if you want to work in some evening intervals, you'll need something with a bit more power. 

Rear light

Moon Gemini Rear Light: was £23.99

Moon Gemini Rear Light: was £23.99, now £9.50 at Tredz

A rear light for under £10! While the Gemini is a bargain, it's far from 'cheap' when it comes to quality and performance. With 80 lumens of power and handy daytime flash mode that extends run time to around 20 hours it's versatile - aided further by the universal bracket and belt clip bracket.

Garmin Varia RCT715 Radar Camera Tail Light: was £349.99

Garmin Varia RCT715 Radar Camera Tail Light: was £349.99, now £278.00 at Wiggle

The Varia RCT715 is a rear light, camera and radar unit – all in one. The radar notifies you when cars are approaching from behind, while the camera films at 1080p, which makes for good image clarity. As for the light, it features four modes and uses the sensor to change its flash pattern to alert car drivers. We reviewed the Varia and were left suitably impressed. Now with 21% off. 

Ravemen TR50 rear light: was £39.99

Ravemen TR50 rear light: was £39.99, now £26.99 at Tredz

Packing a full 50 lumens, Ravemen's TR50 rear light is arguably a lot brighter than you really need - we'd run it at the 10 lumen 'Low' setting and reap that 7.6 hour run time. It's got a modern sleek design for deep section seatposts - and also has a clip for a rucksack. 

Light set

Moon Comet X Pro Light Set: was £68.99,

Moon Comet X Pro Light Set: was £68.99, now £27.50 at Tredz

The Comet X Pro light set are designed to small, lightweight and easy to fit. They have seven modes, side visibility and a 270 degree beam angle - and now all for under £30 . With 60% off retail it makes sense to act now before they're gone.

Cateye AMPP 200 and VIZ 100 Light Set: was £44.99

Cateye AMPP 200 and VIZ 100 Light Set: was £44.99, now £36.00 at Wiggle

With a front light dishing out 200 lumens and the rear light a maximum of 30, this set is ideally suited to commuters who don't want to spend a fortune of a light set. Both are USB chargeable, while visibility is increased due to features such long rear beam projection.  

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