Bull charges multiple riders at California gravel race

The bull attacked at least four riders, with spectators filming two of the incidents

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A bull charged multiple riders at the Rock Cobbler off-road sportive in California on Saturday, with spectators managing to capture shocking footage of two of the incidents. 

The bull halted proceedings to the 80-mile dirt and gravel event when it blocked the trail riders were supposed to follow. The animal knocked a reported four people off their bikes, and in both filmed instances the bull threw the cyclists in the air a second time, having already knocked them off their bikes. 

While it is reported no one is seriously injured, Tony Inderbitzin, one victim of the bull encounter, did suffer whiplash. 

Inderbitzin was initially flipped off his bike, with the bull then throwing him away as he lay on the ground. Spectators manage to capture Inderbitzin's frightening ordeal on camera, with the competitor claiming the bull attacked four cyclists in total.

He told Cowboy State Daily: “I’m sore all over, mostly the neck from the second throw, I got whiplashed. The list of what doesn’t hurt is my left arm and head.

“I was worried I would be sorer today, but pretty much the same as yesterday [Saturday], so that’s a relief."

Another rider stated that Inderbitzin was also in shock from the incident, choosing to wait until the bull had retreated before helping him further. Spectators also tried whistling the bull away from the cyclist it had attacked.

Race organiser Sam Ames posted one of the videos to his Instagram page, stating: "You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Literally." 

Ames, who has dubbed himself the "chief entertainment officer" of the Rock Cobbler, confirmed to Cyclingnews "everybody was A-OK". He also stated, from what he knew, that two riders involved in incidents with the bull finished the race, while another dropped out. 

Described on its website as a "damn challenging ride", 500 riders competed in the Rock Cobbler in Bakesfield, California. The website also claims it "promises an adventure".

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