10 reasons why cycling to work is great

Ten reasons why cycling is the best way of getting to your workplace

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1. Nothing better clears the head for a day at work than a morning cycle.

2. Equally, nothing focuses the mind quite as much as having to dice with drivers. And if your job involves physical strength all the better - like the Incredible Hulk you get stronger as you get angrier.

3. It beats sitting on a stinky bus.

4. It beats sitting on a stinky train.

5. It beats having to pay for petrol and parking.

6. The smug sense of satisfaction as you pass queuing traffic.

7. The smug sense of satisfaction as you enter your workplace bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (while your colleagues look like death warmed up).

8. Excellent for natural show-offs - what other pastime would let you wear self-illuminating, hi-viz yellow kit in public?

9. Confirms all your prejudices about taxi drivers.

10. Career progression - cycling is the new golf, don't you know? Pedal up alongside the MD when he's riding home and chat about your mutual bike love.

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