Adrenaline junkie uses paramotor to power his bike (video)

An unnamed Florida man reaches speeds of around 50mph with a propeller strapped to his back

Electric bikes have been around for a while now, but some people still seem unwilling to part with the cash for one, preferring to modify themselves rather than their machine.

Recently we saw a chap strap a rocket to his back to reach speeds of over 200mph on his pushbike, but now an unnamed maverick from Florida prefers a slightly more sedate ride with a propeller on his back.

The man already owned the motor, which is supposed to power a parachute, but when the frame broke he decided to put it to use somewhere else.

“I broke part of my paramotor frame and couldn’t fly but I still wanted to play with it,” he wrote. “I tried using it with a skateboard, but that ended badly… so then I jumped on my bicycle and took off!

“The bad: it shakes at high speeds (around 50MPH).

“The good: its super fun and it’s cheap on gas.”

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