Beetroot juice could make you ride for longer

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Scientists at the University of Exeter have found that drinking beetroot juice can increase your stamina, allowing you to exercise for up to 16 per cent longer.

Eight men aged between 19-38 were involved in the study. Each was given 500ml of beetroot juice to drink daily for six days and then subjected to a set of tests on an exercise bike.

Subsequently, the men were subjected to the same procedure but with the beetroot juice swapped for blackcurrant juice.

When comparing the test results, the researchers were astonished at what they found. Not only was stamina increased, but blood pressure was reduced when the men drank beetroot juice. Blackcurrant juice gave no performance gains.

The 'magic' ingredient of beetroot juice is thought to be its nitrate content, which reduces the body's uptake of oxygen thereby allowing you to exercise for longer.

A full article on the study can be found in the August 6 edition of the Journal of Applied Physiology.