Dan Evans' National Championship Hill Climb 2014 Strava ride

We take a look at Dan Evans' Strava activity of his National Championship Hill Climb 2014 victory

Dan Evans, Hill Climb National Championship 2014

(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Team Elite rider Dan Evans took the victory at the 2014 National Championship Hill Climb in Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire on Sunday, and as a fair few of us tend to do these days, he's uploaded his winning ride to Strava.

The hill used in the championship, Pea Royd Lane, stands at 1.1km long with an average gradient of about 11% (according to Strava), but gets up to over 20% in places as well.

Evans' effort took 3:24  to complete (though the Strava segment says 3:18), averaging 19.6kmph and hitting a maximum speed of 33.1kmph, beating last year's champion Tejvan Pettinger by around eight seconds.

33-year-old Evans was also riding with a Stages power meter on his Cannondale Supersix Evo hill climb bike, which recorded a maximum power output of 1,005 watts (which came from a big starting effort) with an average of 543w up the climb.

He spent 46% of the time in Zone 6 according to Strava, which is anaerobic level, with 23% of the effort in the maximum neuromuscular level of Zone 7, as he also took the KOM on the segment.

It looks like it definitely hurt.

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