How to entertain yourself if you can't ride your bike for a couple of months

If you're having to take an enforced break from cycling, then maybe some of these ideas from CW readers may help you fill the void

There's not getting around the fact that cyclists do not like not riding their bike for extended periods. But when illness or injury strike, there's often no option but to hang up your wheels for a couple of months.

It can leave a chasm in a cyclist's life – not only of how to fill the time, but how to take your mind off your lack of saddle time.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they would do if they couldn't ride for a couple of months, and we present a selection of the answers in association with B'Twin.

How would you entertain yourself on a couple of month's break from cycling? Let us know in the comment section below

Cleaning my bike. Cleaning my winter bike. Cleaning the kids’ bikes. Cleaning my next-door neighbour’s bikes. Setting up a bike cleaning service. Breaking in to people’s homes to clean their bikes. Then start again with my bike.

Paul Calvesbert-Rearden

Probably become a gym junkie, come back to being a roadie looking like Chris Hoy and getting dropped on a three per cent incline.

George Mason

Eradicate Third World debt, negotiate a satisfactory Brexit deal, find a cure to several modern diseases. So that’s week one taken care of...

Michael Carpenter

The only way I’d be forced from cycling is if I was six foot under. I’ve turboed through a cardiac condition, a completely smashed wrist, a major operation, endured freezing cold winters and stinking hot summers. Nothing would keep me from my bike.

Rachael Elliott

Already five weeks off having had surgery to my shoulder after being knocked off my bike. Aside from dealing with the frustration of delaying cycling to Paris for charity, I have spent more time walking, reading, watching DVDs and more time viewing the Tour de France. Holding on to hope of the .0001 per cent chance that the police find the driver!

Nigel Almond

All depends on the reason you were having time off the bike. Two slipped discs and nerve damage really does cut down what you can do! So for the past three months all I’ve done is eat and eat. I’ve put on half a stone so need to get out soon or I’ll have knee problems through being overweight.

Darren Moon

I watched live cycling, documentaries on cycling, cycling holidays and browsed the internet for bikes I couldn’t afford.

Duane Bridger

Arguing with my wife about leaving my bike in the hallway with various cycling paraphernalia hanging off it. Note: I am currently injured and forced to take a number of months off cycling and this is how I am entertaining myself. The bike is still in the hallway #winning.

Gordon McKirdy

Finding it hard enough facing seven to eight weeks off the bike with my broken arm at the moment, and I’ve only had it seven days!

Lee Downton

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So far I have watched every hour of the Tour de France, re-read back copies of every cycling magazine, watched hours of YouTube cycling clips. Next up is marshalling at cycling events and counting down the days until I can get back on my bike.

Mike Gannon

Any forced absence through injury has found me hiking up hills instead of cycling up them. My dogs love the extra walkies.

Darren McCann

Rest right, train better

What can you do with your time off the bike?

I had to take a couple of months off the bike after major abdominal surgery. Kept myself sane by building another bike!

Alex Petter

I would join the cast of Strictly Come Dancing and continue to rock it in lycra!

Carlos Fandango

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Netflix. Currently forcing myself into a couple weeks downtime due to some injuries and sickness, Netflix has helped entertain me.

Matt Bartholomew

I actually draw as well. So wouldn't suffer too badly.

Daniel Herman

Berate cycling sites on social media.

Dave Paton

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