Pensioner has car stolen as he tries to stop bike thief

Christopher Crank, 76, stepped in when Dannyel Sutton-Feldkamp tried to steal a bike, only to see her take his car instead

Police tape (Getty)

A 76-year-old American man, who tried to stop a woman stealing a bike, looked on as the thief made off in his car instead.

According to the Salina Post, Dannyel Sutton-Feldkamp was confronted by 45-year-old Saul Cortes-Morales, whose bike she was trying to steal from outside a Dillons pharmacy store on May 3.

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During the commotion, Christopher Crank pulled over in his Buick LaSabre to see what was going on. The Post reports that Sutton-Feldkamp then jumped into Mr Crank's running car and drove off.

Witnesses reported the theft to the police and Sutton-Feldkamp was taken into custody and charged with theft and felony theft.

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Police recovered the car three miles away from where it was stolen. Kudos to Mr Crank for stepping into the situation - not many people would do such a thing.

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