Seasoned Strava artist reveals his latest masterpiece

David Taylor, the man behind the New Forest horse and bike Strava drawings is back with constellation Ursa Major

Salisbury based cyclist and Strava art expert David Taylor is at it again, this time drawing ‘The Bear’ across the lanes of the Cotswolds.

Taylor has form with this sort of extravagant ride mapping with previous masterpieces including his massive bike and huge horse, both plotted in the New Forest.

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Not only is Taylor’s ride an achievement in itself, but he is presently the KOM holder for the segment ‘Bear’, which he presumably created, and faces little chance of losing.

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Although if anyone does fancy beating his time it shouldn’t be too strenuous: the present record for the 68.2 miles stands at 10-20-35.

Get aero, go faster

Strava art is something of a niche hobby, with some riders in the USA proposing marriage and drawing turkeys.

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