When: Wednesday, July 25

Where: Orthez-Gourette

Length: 218.5km


Orthez lies 73 metres above sea level, but the Tour is going to head back up the mountains for one last day.

The first climb - the Col de Larrau - is reputed to be the hardest single ascent in the entire Tour route. Once the race goes to pieces on this climb, there will be no recovery until the finish. The final climb to the Col d'Aubisque is 16.4km long.

Although the previous day's rest will have freshened the legs - if not the mind after the Vinokourov doping scandal - for most riders it will be a case of surviving this final mountain stage. If more than one rider is there to contest the finish, it will be a surprise.


Scenery: 10/10

Difficulty: 10/10

Impact on overall: 10/10


Km, Location, ETA, Feature

0, ORTHEZ, 10:40, START

36, Mauleon Licharre, 11:44, Sprint

48.5, Tardets-Sorholus, 12:05, Feed zone

79, Port de Larrau, 13:11, Climb hors-category

93, Alto Laza, 13:28, Climb cat 3

131, Col de la Pierre St Martin, 14:46, Climb cat 1

156, Arette, 15:14, Feed zone

180.5, Col de Marie Blanque, 16:04, Climb cat 1

200, Laruns, 16:24, Sprint

218.5, COL D'AUBISQUE, 17:11, FINISH


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