Tweets of the week: Proposals, protests and ponies

Unlike the Giro d'Italia peloton, tweets of the week is not on strike, so here's a bumper edition

The riders over at the Giro d’Italia may be dipping their toes into a spot of industrial action but Tweets of the week Incorporated had its union crushed years ago, so here we are once again.

In fact, such was our capitalist overlords’ disgust at the strike formed by the riders of the Italian Grand Tour, that we’ve been instructed to put together a bumper edition, to spit in the face of collective action and make sure our fingers are ground into dust as we trawl the social media abyss for hashtag pure flame emoji tweets.

So here they are, 17 tweets from the concurrently running Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España. Maybe soon I’ll be allowed home to see my wife and kids again. But until that day, more tweets.

1. Never again will we assume Thomas De Gendt is joking, turns out he was being deadly serious

2. I agree, Brian Smith, it is extra entertainment

3. #Justice4JV


4. Add to that: Giro stage 19 mood

5. Larry Warbasse shooting wishes out into the ether in the faint hope a cycling Father Christmas exists

6. There’s still time for Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier and Tao Geoghegan Hart to get in a breakaway and explode the brains of the Italian commentators

7. If Kelderman hangs on he will become the first Giro d’Italia winner in history to not have a favourite film

8. Don’t know about you but I NEED to know the story behind this

9. The UCI’s latest mechanical doping test is innovative to say the least

10. Ponies: good. Pun: hmm.

11. How Magnus Bäckstedt continues to solemnly commentate while Caleb Ewan jumps on to Kwiato’s handlebars I’ll never know

12. These days a meme barely lasts 48 hours before you’ve already forgotten what it was referring to in the first place

13. At the Tour de France media were mistaking him for George Bennett, at the Vuelta, Sam Bennett becomes Belgian, if he rides the Giro next year maybe they’ll put him on Cofidis or something

14. In a normal week this probably would have been one of the main talking points but this week my brain is just a bit melted so best just to forget this exists I reckon

15. Behind every great athlete there’s…someone who beat you in a rap battle six years ago and won’t let you forget it

16. Nothing says romance like an individual time trial

17. We are all Gregor Mühlberger and the musette is the year 2020

We’ll be back in seven day’s time with another serving of…yep, you guessed it, tweets of the week