17 cycling gadgets that you never knew you needed (videos)

Some are good ideas, but we're not sure about others

1. These lights that will tell you when to pack a rain jacket

revolights eclipse+ lights

The 360º visibility is useful, but you're an adult, just look at the weather forecast.

2. This weird coconut thing that makes your bike sound like a horse


Most of the things on this list have some practical purpose. Trotify doesn't.

3. This bell that's as loud as a freight train


There's no chance of not being heard with Nello

4. This Garmin mount that's also a bell

hidemybell main

One less thing to have on your handlebars

5. These jackets that have built in lights

lumo jacket

Useful if it's chilly in a club

6. This automatic lube dispenser that, er, automatically dispenses lube

Scottoiler automatic lube

For all the lazy home mechanics out there

7. This light that's also a lock

Locksit in action

Self-explanatory really

8. This bike lock that won't let you ride home from the pub


Had one too many? This breathalyser lock will force you to get a cab home

9. This "smart" helmet that lets you listen to music

Bling helmet lights

It also has lights and lets you answer your phone

10. This phone charger that attaches to your wheels


Never run out of juice again

11. This helmet that has indicators

Lumos White helmet turn signal

You turn them on and off with buttons on your bars

12. These Rapha headphones that are made from African Hair Sheep leather

rapha headphones

Non-vegetarian headphones

13. This rear light which looks like... well...


It really is called bike balls

14. These pedals that come with GPS


There isn't a Speedplay version coming any time soon

15. This stationary bike that will let you get your washing done


(Image credit: Picasa)

Get two jobs done at once

16. This GPS sensor that will improve your cornering


A black box for your bike

17. This bra that will keep your hands warm


Yes, it really is called BarBra

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