CydeKick charges your phone as you ride

The CydeKick is a magnetic hub generator, coupled to a headlamp and a handlebar-mounted USB charger that can charge your smart phone and lights on the move

Smart phones are increasingly used by cyclists. Not only are they useful for fitness apps such as Strava and Mapmyride but also as navigational devices and cameras. A whole host of products now exist to facilitate mounting your smart phone safely on your bike.

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The system can charge USB devices

The system can charge USB devices

However, smart phones are plagued by short battery life, especially when using the screen and other functions such as GPS and bluetooth. If you are on a long ride or perhaps even touring, your phone running out of juice can be a big concern.

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The system can be mounted on front or back wheels

To this end, Cydekick aims to solve this problem. The system mounts on the front or rear wheel hub, and uses spinning magnets to generate power through electromagnetic induction. This is arguably a superior solution to older dynamo designs that rubbed against the tyre or wheel. The Cydekick features a USB output for charging smartphones, action cams, GPS devices, lights and whatever else you can think of…

Cydekick also has a rechargeable light

Cydekick also has a rechargeable light

The system also comes with a high intensity headlight that can be charged too. This system would be useful for commuters, but even more so for touring, where access to electricity is not always possible. With this gadget you never have to worry about your phone battery dying.

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Other generator hubs exist, but the CydeKick differs because you can add it to your existing wheel. CydeKick launches on Kickstarter next month (July 30th) with details of pricing yet to be announced.

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