Castelli introduces new tear resistant bib shorts, gravel kit and an update to its Perfetto jersey

Featuring new Gore technology and increased durability

Italian clothing brand Castelli has introduced a host of new clothing lines, including a gravel riding specific kit and extra protective bib shorts. It also rolls out updates to its Gabba and Perfetto items as well as its Superleggera lightweight line.

Castelli Unlimited Tour de France short

These new race bib shorts have an additional level of protection from road rash. Castelli says the new protective shorts were specifically requested by Chris Froome for protection in the first week of a Grand Tour, citing it as the most likely moment a race can be lost in a bunched crash.

Castelli freely admits that the idea is nothing new - the principle is the same as that which guided track riders to wearing two sets of bib shorts - and that lycra sliding on lycra is the easiest way to disrupt the force of a crash.

With this in mind the shorts have a two-layer construction so that fabric can shear on fabric to help disrupt the forces from a tumble.

According to the brand, the outer layer is thicker to decrease the chances of tearing (and thus the loss of a new set of bibs) while the inner layer is made of Dyneema - the same material used in the construction of the Specialized S-Works 7 shoes - which should stop it tearing.

Castelli Unlimited Gravel kit

Castelli Unlimited kit

Durability is clearly the key theme with Castelli's new kit, with it's brand new Unlimited gravel riding kit having a specific focus on being tough. The new kit uses a thicker yarn to protect against snags that are, according to the Italian brand, more common when riding off road.

The new Castelli jersey uses a predominantly polyester knit but the brand says it's more durable than the typical construction of road kit. This extra protection is specifically focused on the back and the sleeves which are the areas most commonly snagged.

The Gabba and Perfetto receive an overhaul

The new Castelli Perfetto

The Castelli Perfetto now carries the Italian brand's 'RoS' moniker, meaning rain or shine, and according to the brand it boasts a host of new technology to better protect the rider.

To this end, the new jersey is endowed with Gore Infinium 205 and 203 fabric, two new fabric types that, according to Castelli, are both windproof on the front while more breathable on the back.

Castelli says the new product has also shaved weight, leaving as purely a protective garment and improving its layering capacity. The new Perfetto also features increased visibility and large pockets for riders wearing gloves.

Gore Infinium 203 is used on the back. It should be more breathable.

The Perfetto RoS will also come in different forms, including a long sleeve jersey with removable sleeves (effectively becoming a Gabba), a Perfetto Vest and a new Perfetto Light that sits somewhere between the Gabba and the full blown Perfetto.

Castelli's Superleggera jersey now weighs just 109g

Castelli's superlight jersey also receives an update that shaves its weight down to a claimed 109g in a size large. The updated jersey features a new 'Oltre' technology designed by Castelli to be both stretchy and breathable; dropping weight while maintaining pocket support.

The Superleggera bib shorts also receive an update, and see their weight shaved down by close to 30% while absorbing 30% less moisture, according to Castelli.

These savings are achieved because the shorts are now woven rather than knitted and feature a gradient fabric that gets thinner the further down the leg that the short extends. The shorts use the brand's X2 Air Seamless chamois.

We currently don't have any information on pricing or availability, but we'll be sure to update this page as soon as we know.

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