Chris Froome wears new Kask helmet in Tour de France time trial

Leader of the Tour de France seen wearing what appeared to be a new Kask time trial helmet stage 12 individual time trial

When time trialling equipment choice is crucial. A different helmet can save or cost seconds, potentially making all the difference between winning and losing.

Below is a picture of Chris Froome in the 2013 Tour de France wearing the Kask Bambino, the helmet he is no longer using against the clock this year.

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Chris Froome on stage eleven of the 2013 Tour de France

Chris Froome on stage eleven of the 2013 Tour de France

The Kask Bambino has been Team Sky‘s time trial helmet of choice for years. It differs from many TT helmets with its stub tailed, round design. Although longer tail aero helmets can be more aerodynamic, the short tail is said to be beneficial to riders who move their head a lot.

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Froome famed for moving his head and looking at his stem. The Kask Bambino is also well suited to team time trials, where riders have to look around and communicate with team mates

That said, Froome was seen taking to the start ramp with a new longer tailed Kask Helmet. Details remain sparse and at this stage we do not know the name of the new helmet.

A helmet that can fill the void between the back of the head and upper back is often more aero than a short tailed design.

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However, this is dependant on the rider being able to hold their head still. Will this new helmet make Froome faster or slower? I guess we will find out.