Look goes flat with the new Geo City Grip pedals

The inventor of the clipless pedal has now launched a new flat pedal system

Look Geo City Grip
(Image credit: Look)

Known as the founder of the modern day clipless pedal, Look has teamed up with well known rubber compound specialist Vibram to produce its first range of flat pedals.

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The Look Geo City Grip has been designed to be a high grip and lightweight pedal, to offer riders a secure platform when urban cycling.

Look Geo City Grip

Geo City Grip pedals come with pop out platforms for matchy-matchy rides.
(Image credit: Look)

Look already offers clipless options with a flat platform as well, such as the Look Geo trekking pedals, but this is the brand's first fully flat option.

Look say the customisable rubber pedal uses a non-slip Activ Grip Vibram compound that will provide riders with confidence no matter what the weather conditions or footwear. If you've ever tried to ride civvy footwear with standard pedals, (or on actual clipless Look Keo pedals thinking a 'quick scoot' to the train station would be fine), you'll know the perils involved, especially in the wet.

Vibram has specifically engineered a tread pattern that has a multi-directional tread, with different heights of rubber and water drainage channels with the aim of keeping as much foot to rubber connection at all times at all angles.

Build on top of a composite plastic body, Look say that by removing the traditional peg grip of a normal flat pedal system, the rubber grip also prevents damage to the sole of shoes and does away with uncomfortable pressure points on the base of your foot.

The pop-out grip also allows riders to customise their ride to match their pedals with their bike or outfit

Look Geo City Grip Vision

Integrated lights enable 180degree visibility for other road users.
(Image credit: Look)

The Look GEO City Grip Vision version features four LED lights designed to help increase your visibility to other road users and come with a claimed run time of up to 20 hours. The waterproof integrated lighting system uses USB rechargeable batteries and use a stop-start motion detector to preserve battery life, and can be set to a steady, economic flashing, or a 2.5x brighter daytime running mode.

Look state that the oscillating beam of light produced by the pedals has a power rating level of up to 50 lumens, and a range of more than 900 meters with a 180 degree angle, aims to make you highly visible from the side as well as front and rear.

Both pedals systems have a claimed base weight of 265g a piece, with the Vision lights adding 25g to each side and come with a chromoly spindle, and a footbed surface area of 107x103mm. The GEO City Grip pedals have a guide price of 59.90EUR and the Vision version double the price at 119.90EUR, UK prices are yet to be confirmed.

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