New Hedkayse helmet stands up to bumps and knocks

Helmet has survived being thrown off a cliff

Designed for commuting, urban use and mountain biking, the new Hedkayse One is extra-durable, so that it can survive much more daily abuse than other helmets.

With most standard polystyrene cycle helmets, it’s one strike and you’re out – and that may not even be a crash: something as simple as dropping the helmet can cause it to fracture and need replacing, with even hairline cracks in the structure being risky.

But Hedkayse has looked to increase durability with its new Hedkayse One helmet. It’s made of a proprietary polymer material called Enkayse, that’s much tougher than EPS. Hedkayse says that it can withstand over 80 hits in an approved lab test, whereas a standard helmet may fail after just two. It is durable enough to withstand being run over by a car or thrown off a cliff (neither recommended), so cyclists should never have to replace their helmet again.

Patented strap design allows the Hedkayse One to adapt to any head size

The Hedkyse One helmet has passed the relevant EU safety standard, with certification in the US and Australia expected in the next few months.

The Hedkayse One is also foldable for easy storage and can be adapted to fit any head size, with a patented strap design to change its fit. Folded, it measures just 13cm across and has a volume of 2.5 litres. It has an antibacterial liner to help keep out sweaty odours.

Hedkayse has the One helmet available to pre-order now on its site, with delivery planned for April. Price is £149.99.

As with other helmet designs, you can attach an action camera or a light to the helmet. Hedkayse claims a weight of 450g, with the new helmet available in five standard colours as well as custom options.

Look out for a review on the Cycling Weekly website, coming in the next few weeks.