If you are looking for a reliable set of training wheels, the recent revamp and re-branding among Shimano?s entry to mid-level wheelsets might be of interest.

Now sitting just below the 105 in the hierarchy are the new RS20 wheels, replacing the old R561, available in black and silver. At £64.99 front and £79.99 rear, they could be just the ticket to save your best wheels from a hammering during winter mileage.

The 24mm aero profile aluminium rims, with asymmetric spoke drillings on the rear to reduce wheel dish, should be both stiff and strong. Elbow-less, stainless steel butted spokes will also

mean reliability.

Like all Shimano hubs, the bearings are the traditional ?cup and cone? design, allowing precision bearing adjustments and ease of maintenance. Improved Labyrinth seals keep out the muck while maintaining low friction. They are compatible with 8, 9 and 10-speed, and

each set also includes QR skewers.

Average weight: 1,817g per pair.