Disc brakes to return to the peloton in June?

A leaked conference call by the UCI suggests that the disc brake trial will resume next month

With many bike manufacturers having invested significant resources in disc braked road bike models, a wholesale permanent banning of the use of discs at the highest levels of competition was never likely to be an option.

The UCI halted its trial of the use of disc brakes in professional road races following a nasty accident in which Movistar rider Fran Ventoso’s leg was badly cut during the Paris-Roubaix race, requiring surgery.

Ventoso claimed that the injury was due to falling onto a disc rotor. This has been followed by the banning of discs by the French and Spanish national federations from amateur events held on their soil.

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Now, according to James Huang of the CyclingTips website, the trial is set to resume in June. Huang’s report is based on the leaked contents of a private conference call between the UCI and the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry, which acts as an industry body for sports manufacturers.

It is suggested that a stipulation for the restart of the trial is that rotors should have rounded edges rather than the sharp machining which is now more usual. It’s also possible that the UCI will dictate that they should have purely circular shapes without the waves or notches which many designs include, to make them a bit less like circular saw blades.

According to Huang, the UCI may also move on some of its design rules, which could pave the way for aerodynamic covers to be introduced on disc brake calipers and rotors.

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