Peter Sagan pays homage to Gladiator and Pulp Fiction in latest bizarre video

Peter Sagan dresses up as a Gladiator and gets his groove on to the Pulp Fiction dance in his latest Sunroot advert

Peter Sagan must be an advertiser's dream, as he seems game for literally anything when it comes to promoting his sponsors.

In the first part of his promotional video for Sunroot we saw the world champion channelling his inner Rocky Balboa with a training montage, but now he goes back to Roman times to battle in the Colosseum.

Ever wondered what Sagan would look like in a gladiator costume? Wonder no more.

He looks the part, although he can't hide his bold cycling tan lines under his tunic and skirt combination. Of course, Sagan comes out on top of the scene, in homage to Russell Crowe's Maximus Decimus Meridius from the film Gladiator.

Then we see Sagan and his wife taking part in the mock up of the dancing scene from Pulp Fiction. Although Sagan's moves looked less like John Travolta and more like the dancing priest from Father Ted.