Watch: This is what happens if you try to eat a Tour de France rider’s diet in one sitting

We look back at when Norwegian reporter Nicolay Ramm attempted to eat 8,000 calories - the amount a Tour de France rider might get through in a day - in one sitting

We all know that nutrition is important for a cyclist, but for a professional rider racing in the Tour de France the intake of food is all the more important.

Hours on end in the saddle require an enormous amount of calories to be consumed each day to ensure the rider has enough energy to compete in and finish each stage.

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Be it your staples of pasta and meat, bowls of oatmeal or masses of energy bars, riders seem to eat enough to make a normal man’s stomach explode.

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That’s pretty much the case with Norwegian journalist Nicolay Ramm when he sat down to try and get through a massive 8,000 calorie table of food.

Judging by the tightness of his jersey, Ramm is no stranger to a large plate of food or seven, but the sheer amount of food piled up in front of him got the better of him.

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Granted, he didn’t actually ride his bike between eating any of the plates and thus didn’t really work up an appetite, but he still fell well short.

I’ll warn you though, this video does contain footage of a man vomiting into a rubbish bin, so don’t watch it if you don’t want to see that.

Don’t try this at home, though. Well, not unless you actually ride the equivalent of a Tour de France at the same time.