Rebels with a Cause: I rode 232-miles with my much fitter brother, and we're still friends

It was never going to be smiles all the way round, but car free miles and brotherly love won out

riding past fields on rebellion way
(Image credit: Andy Jones for Future)

The oncoming car slowed to a crawl just ahead and pulled slightly to the side, despite there being ample room for us both to pass each other. Where I come from in the Home Counties, this would count as suspicious behaviour. What dastardly trick did they have planned? But as I rode past, the driver both smiled and waved. I did the same in return, probably with an idiotic grin of delight and surprise. This wasn't the first time it had happened, either. These courteous drivers combined with the open, rural scenery and a real scarcity of traffic on the back roads meant this felt far more like deep France than anywhere in England.

But this was Norfolk. No French spoken here. We – me and my brother (and indeed colleague) Steve – were visiting the county to ride the Rebellion Way, a 232-mile loop curated by Cycling UK and launched last year.

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