Buy smartly: these e-bikes meet the internationally recognized safety standards

What to look for when shopping for e-bikes and what to know about lithium-ion e-bike battery safety

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The demand for e-bikes has doubled nearly every year since 2015. Recognized bike brands like Trek and Specialized were quickly joined in the market by smaller brands like Aventon, RadPower and Tern. Established as well as some newer bike brands source parts from suppliers that are vetted for quality and safety, and must meet strict standards for battery charging and overall performance. However, many off-brand e-bikes and e-bike conversion kits found online source low-quality parts and may be produced with low or non-existent quality control.

Cheap electronic batteries and electrical systems may not include safety technologies for preventing thermal runaway — a phenomenon in which the lithium-ion cell enters an uncontrollable, self-heating state — that can result in batteries overheating and causing fires.

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3T BicyclesBoost
Argon18Dark Matter, Subito E-Gravel, Subito E-Road
AventonAbound, Aventure, Level, Pace, Sinch, Soltera
Benno46er, Boost, Ejoy, Remidemi
BianchiAria E-Road, E-Impulsivo Road, E-Arcadex, E-Impulsivo Gravel, E-Omia, E-Omnia, E-Vertic, T-Tronik
BlixAveny, Dubbel, Packa, Sol, Ultra, Vika+ (CE Listed)
BMCRoadMachine AMP, Fourstroke AMP, 257 AMP
BuzzCerana, Charter, Charter F, Centris
CannondaleSynapse Neo, Topstone Neo, Moterra Neo, Treadwell Neo, Adventure Neo, Compact Neo, Tesoro Neo
CanyonGrail:ON, Precede:ON, Spectral:ON, Torque:ON
Co-op CyclesGeneration, CTY
Cycles DevinciE-Enduro, E-All Mountain, E-Trail, E-Road, E-Urban, E-City
De RosaE--do, E--Bike
DiamondbackUnion, Response, Current
ElectraLoft Go, Townie Go, Townie Path Go, Vale Go, Ghost Rider Go, Ace of Spades Go, Navigator Go, Shibori Go, Cruiser Go, Bali Cruiser Go
FocusThron, Jam, Focus SAM, Jarifa, Aventura, Planet
FujiBlackhill EVO, E-Jari, Ambient EVO, Conductor, E-Traverse, Sanibel, E-Crosstown, E-Nevada
Giant BicyclesFastroad E+, Roam E+, Explore E+, Talon E+, Trance X E+, Stance E+, Reign E+
GocycleG4 (CE listed; UL certification pending)
JamisHudon E2 (CE Listed)
JetsonBolt, Bolt Pro, Bolt Up, LX10 Folding, Journey, Adventure, Haze Folding, J5, Jetson Axle, J8, Atlas Fat Tire, Arro Folding,
JuicedRipRacer, Rip Current, CrossCurrent, Hyper Scorpion,Hyper Scrambler, City Scrambler
KentHybrid, Mountain, Cruiser
Kinesis Lyfe, Lyfe Step-Thru, Range Evation (inc. flat bar) Range Ride 50 (inc flat bar),
KonaRemote, El Kahuna, Libre EL, Dew-E, Ecoco, Rove HD, Dew HD, Coco HD
LectricXP, XPedition, XPremium, Electric XP Trike (CE Listed)
Liv BicyclesAmity E+, Thrive E+, Rove E+, Embolden E+, Tempt E+, Intrigue E+
LookE-765 Gravel/Optimum/Gotham
MarinAlpine Trail, Rift Zone, Sausalito, Stinson
MokwheelBasalt, Scoria
Momentum BikesVoya+, Pakyak E+, Vida E+, LaFree E+Transcend E+
Murf Electric BikesFat Murf, Alpha Cargo, Alfa Murf, Fat Murf Step-Thru, Higgs, Izzy
NEXTMoscow Plus, C5, NCM Aspen, City Robin, Boogie Cruiser, ET Series, M7, C7, Milano, Cobra, Big Dog, Escape, Zebra, Cruiser, EE-Bike T7S
NinerRIP, e9, WFO e9, RLT e9 RDO
NorcoSight, Fluid, Range, Bigfoot, Charger, Indie, Scene
OrbeaGain, Wild, Rise, Urrun, Kemen, Vibe, Optima
Pacific CyclesMoove, E-Birdy
PinarelloNytro, Nytro Dust
Rad Power BikesRadRover, RadExpand, RoadRunner, RadWagon, RadCity, RadExpand, RadTrike
RaleighRetroglide Royale, Venture
RetrospecKoa Rev+, Koa Rev+ Step-Through, Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike, Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike Step-Through, Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike, Valen Rev Electric Fat Tire Bike Step-Through, Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike, Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Step-Through, Jax Rev Electric Folding Bike
Ride1UpCore-5, Roadster, Turris, LMT'D, Cafe Cruiser, 700 Series, Rift, Prodigy, Revv1
ScottPatron, Strike, Contessa, Lumen, Aspect, Solace, Addict, Contessa Addict, Sub Cross, Solace Gravel, Contessa Solace Gravel, Sub Active
SpecializedHaul, Turbo Levo, Turbo Tero, Turbo Tero Step-Thru, Tero Como, Turbo Vedo, Turbo Vedo Step-Thru, Turbo Kenovo, Turbo Creo
SurlySkid Loader, Big Easy
TernQuick Haul, NBD, Vektron, HSD, GSD
Trek BicyclesFuel, Rail, Domane+, E-Caliber, Fetch+, Powerfly, Allant+, Townie Path Go!, Vale Go!, Verve+, Ghost Rider Go!, Ace of Spades Go!, Navigator Go!, Townie Go! Step-Thru, Townie Go! Step-Over, FX+, Dual Sport+, Loft Go! Step-Thru, Loft Go! Step-Over, Bali Cruiser Go!, Shibori Cruiser Go!, Kakau Cruiser Go!, Cruiser Go! Step-Over, Cruiser Go! Step-Thru
VanMoofS5, A5, S4, X4, S3, V
Wilier-TriestinaUltra Hybrid, Filante Hybrid, Cento1 Hybrid, Triestina Hybrid, Jena Hybrid, 101X Hybrid, 101X Hybrid, E903TRN, E830TRB
WingFreedom X, Freedom Fatty 2, Freedom 2, Freedom ST
YamahaCrossCore, CrossConnect, Wabash, UrbanRush, Civante, YDX-Torc, TDX-Moro,
Yeti Cycles160E

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