Enve launches G series dropper post with a neat new lever

Enve opts for an inverted design for its first foray into the world of droppers

Enve G Series Dropper Post
(Image credit: Enve)

Enve continues to expand its portfolio of product lines, with today’s release of the G Series dropper post – a first for the American brand.

Although dropper seatposts are pretty much ubiquitous in the MTB sphere –  getting the saddle out of the way for technical descents outweighs the small weight penalty – they are still rather less common across the best gravel bikes

That said, the tide does seem to be going in only one direction and ever more brands are coming out with gravel specific droppers. Both Shimano and SRAM have been in on the action for a while now. 

The G Series features an inverted design with 40mm of drop. The claimed weight comes in at 395 grams, although weight weenies will be reassured to hear that Enve says it’s possible trim up to 50 additional grams off this total.

Enve G Series Dropper Post

(Image credit: Enve)

Generally, dropper seatposts are designed so that the part which attaches to the saddle moves within a sleeve that sits inside the seattube. On Enve's G Series post, the part that attaches to the saddle slides down over the part which is clamped in the seat tube.

Enve’s reasoning for opting for an inverted design is that it “allows for the use of a saddlebag, sheds debris more efficiently, and most importantly, allows for a more reliable cartridge mechanism in a 27.2mm package.”

Although 27.2mm a common size for many of the best gravel bikes, for compatibility with other seat tube diameters, Enve is supplying shims with the dropper for both 30.9 and 31.6mm seat posts. 

Still the dropper itself is only half the story - Enve has sweated the details on creating a lever that works well with drop bar shifters.

Enve G Series Dropper Post

(Image credit: Enve)

“Nearly as challenging as the post design itself was the design of our new dropper post lever, [both from a] spatial packaging standpoint and a functional ergonomic standpoint. 

"After literally dozens of printed and machined iterations, we opted for the design that … features a dual actuation push and pull design that allows actuation from the hoods and the drops.”

Enve G Series Dropper Post

(Image credit: Enve)

It’s a really neat looking design that looks like it might well succeed in being functional in a range of hand positions. We’ve got the new dropper coming in on test, so stay tuned to hear our thoughts on how it actually performs.

That said, it is worth bearing in mind that Enve says the G Series Dropper Post is compatible only with internally routed frames. That said, the new dropper is supposed to function with most dropper post remote levers, including left shifters that convert to dropper post levers.

Pricing stands at $325 for the dropper post, while the lever comes in at $65. You can go to Enve.com for more information.

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