Hammerhead forced to remove Shimano Di2 support on Karoo 2 head units

SRAM’s acquisition of the cycle computer brand earlier this year has come with consequences for Shimano users

Hammerhead Karoo 2
(Image credit: Josh Ross)

Hammerhead will be removing all Di2 functionality from the critically acclaimed Karoo 2 cycle computer at the request of Shimano. 

Support for Shimano’s Di2 groupsets will be removed as part of a firmware update next Thursday (2 June) at the request of Shimano which, according to Hammerhead, is now viewed as a competitor following SRAM’s acquisition of the cycle computer brand earlier this year

At the time of the acquisition, it was announced that SRAM and Hammerhead intend to develop the platform and ultimately provide greater integration with existing hardware and software products, such as SRAM's electronic shifting

SRAM also said it was “excited that the [Hammerhead] team will continue to design, manufacture, and sell technology and quality leading head units that work with every brand of drivetrain”.

Alas, here we are. Riders who used Shimano Di2 integration will lose access to on-screen battery status and shifter mode data; front and rear derailleur indications; and Karoo screen control via the Di2 hood buttons from Shimano Di2 drivetrains.

“Shimano provided a license agreement whereby Hammerhead was granted permission along with technical details enabling the connecting of the Hammerhead devices with the Di2 system," Hammerhead explained in a statement.

But Shimano has now withdrawn permissions until Hammerhead is able to forge a new agreement.

“Hammerhead offered to continue supporting Di2 users with full functionality after the SRAM acquisition, but ultimately, Shimano identified SRAM as a competitor and the contract was terminated at Shimano’s request,” says the cycle computer brand.

Hammerhead says it has reached out to Shimano and is open to resuming support of the functionality.

The cycle computer brand reassures riders that “Di2 will still work as a drivetrain, and Karoo will still work as a bike computer, and they both will work on the same bike”. Affected riders will lose all wireless connection between the Karoo and the Di2 system, and any Karoo functionality that depended on it - but nothing else.

Hammerhead says that all other Karoo 2 functionality will continue to work for Shimano riders, it is just this subset of Di2 features that Shimano has withdrawn permissions for until Hammerhead is able to come to a new agreement.

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