For $20K you can own a bike just like Chloe Dygert's

Meet Canyon's fastest bike yet, the Speedmax CFR Track, specifically designed for the American world champion

Canyon's Speedmax CFR Track
(Image credit: Canyon Bicycles)

At the UCI World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, Canyon Bicycles debuted its fastest bike yet: the Speedmax CFR Track. The bike was two years in the making, including over 300 wind tunnel analyses and 155 hours of on-track testing, with one goal in mind: to make a bike worthy of a world champion. 

The Speedmax CFR Track started as a bike made specifically for track superstar Chloé Dygert. As part of her contract, when Dygert joined Canyon-SRAM, the German brand would build a track bike for her. Dygert’s feedback helped shape the bike in the early stages to the needs of a world champion.

Dygert has already taken the new Speedmax to a world title in the Individual Pursuit, less than a second behind her previous World Record. The American rode to the rainbow stripes on a custom-painted Speedmax with some pink highlights specifically for her. Dygert previously won the event in 2020, just before her horrendous crash that would threaten her career. Despite her impressive victories already this season, Dygert says she is still not at 100% but is looking toward the Paris Olympics in 2024, where she will be riding the Speedmax CFR Track in search of a gold medal.

While it shares the same name as Canyon’s renowned triathlon bike, the Speedmax CFR Track is a completely different bike, fully optimized for the velodrome and its unique UCI rules.

"Every tube profile and every junction of the Speedmax CFR Track has been fine-tuned to slice through the air with unparalleled efficiency, giving track cyclists the ultimate advantage in their pursuit of speed and victory," Canyon claims.

After the initial design phase, Canyon put prototypes of the bike in hands of the Danish national team for feedback and to make small changes to optimize the bike for the needs of some of the fastest riders in the world. 

"Their expertise and feedback helped shape the Speedmax CFR Track into the exceptional machine it is today," Canyon says. 

While designed for individual events, the Speedmax is versatile enough to swap for mass start events easily. The Speedmax has some innovative adjustable extensions for individual events, combining an aerodynamic package with confident handling and an easily swappable drop bar for mass start racing. 

Canyon's Speedmax CFR Track

(Image credit: Canyon Bicycles)

Canyon also created a disc wheelset to accompany the new frame in collaboration with Swiss Side. The front and rear discs for individual events are ultra stiff to withstand the power during track events and are said to have superb aerodynamics as they were designed in conjunction with the Canyon frame.

“With the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track, we knew we had an opportunity to create something truly exceptional," says Daniel Heyder, Team Manager of Product Management Road at Canyon.

"Proven at the highest echelons of triathlon, the Speedmax served as the perfect foundation, but we went back to the drawing board and collaborated extensively with our aerodynamics partners, Swiss Side, to ensure every aspect of this bike was sculpted for supreme aero efficiency at the exceptionally high speeds and unique conditions of the velodrome."

Track riders from Team USA and Team Denmark both competed on the new Speedmax in Glasgow. The consumer version will be available directly from starting in August and comes with a pricetag of $19,999.00.

This high-end package weighs 8.24 kg and includes Canyon’s own fully adjustable carbon Pro Extension cockpit system and carbon disc wheels, a premium SRM Origin Track power meter, the Kappstein Pro Line Elite chainring, and Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR tires.

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