Wahoo Systm absorbs The Sufferfest into a new more corporate app (and you should absolutely check it out)

The Sufferfest founder says its ardent fans went through 'all the stages of grief', but the new app is a much more complete system (with vowels)

Using Wahoo Systm app training indoors
(Image credit: Future)

“I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed,” is what I wanted to say, when I first heard that The Sufferfest - the 2008 born training video series with a wicked sense of humour (and my favourite indoor training app) - was rebranding to be absorbed into the new, infuriatingly vowel devoid, Wahoo Systm. 

However, it is usually best not to judge something until you’ve tried it. I have now tried Wahoo Systm, and I’d advise that you do the same before you (excuse the emotional angst) write it off as a corporatisation of all that The Sufferfest ever stood for. 

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