Bontrager RXXXL Limited Edition shoes




  • Delightfully fuss-free
  • Lightweight


  • May 'bag up' on narrow feet

Price as reviewed:


We cyclists are quite embarrassing enough without borrowing the wife’s hairdryer to re-mould our footbeds, so hooray for a back-to-basics approach to shoes.

It’s not just our blushes these Bontragers spare – it’s quite a few grams, by stripping away excess material, ratchet systems, bulky heel cups and the rest of the paraphernalia.

What we’re left with is a 200g slipper with a very lightweight synthetic mesh single-seam upper called InForm, bonded to the carbon sole and secured to the foot with three Velcro straps.

For a narrow foot like mine, there’s unfortunately a bit of untidy bagging around the front strap. As you would expect, they’re not favourite-armchair comfortable, but it’s an acceptable trade-off for their light weight.


The RXXXLs are clearly intended as racing shoes only and excel (pun intended) in this area provided they fit you, but they're probably a little spartan for daily riding. Keep them for competition. SS Contact: